Monday, July 15, 2013

Sally Splatter and Real Life Love

Hello everyone!! I have a bit of nail art for you and some real life love. :)

I'll start with the nail art since I figure that's what you're here for.

nail art Sally Hansen Splatter Spellbound Nails Fuchsia Power Lacey Lilac Blue Me Away

I've been calling this one Sally Splatter in my head and it's been sitting in my nail art folder for a few weeks at least. I started with my own white base and used Sally Hansen Fuchsia Power, Lacey Lilac, and Blue Me Away! It uses only Sally Hansen nail polish and is a splatter mani hence the name. Very original, right? ;)

Ready for some real life love?

rain clouds real life

There's been a lot of rain and nasty storms this summer. Dark storm clouds like this just roll in suddenly and let loose floods of rain water. Not fun when vacation is barely weeks away and I'm still working on my tan!

sunset real life

sunset real life

Still, all that rain (if it stops before nightfall) does create the most stunningly gorgeous sunsets. And if you're wondering, yes, the rain and the sunset pics were taken on the same day. :)

moon macro close up detailed

And leaves the moon so bright and clear! Like, with the rest of the world around me, it was washed clean in the rain water.

While I want more than anything for some hot summer days I wouldn't give up these beautiful nights for anything!


  1. I love the splatter! It's just perfect. The sunset pictures are gorgeous! Oh, and good luck with your tan! ;D

  2. That's a really good splatter mani! I love your sunset and moon pictures!!

  3. Love the splatter mani! I've recently able to make mine work, but haven't done a 'proper' full mani one! After seeing yours, I've definitely gotta get it done soon!! So beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing with us these beautiful pictures! I really enjoyed and appreciate them! Such lovely colours! :D

  4. I love your mani!! And beautiful pics by the way :)


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