Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Halloween 2013 Collection - Spellbound Nails PRE-ORDER

If you follow me on Facebook you'll know all about my Halloween 2013 Collection. For those who don't, this is for you. :)

I am now taking pre-orders for the Halloween Collections. Head over to my Storenvy and get your order in because pre-sales are only open until 9/27. Pre-orders ship 9/28, and the Halloween polishes go up for normal sales 10/1. Did I mention these polishes come with optional scents? You can buy unscented, but you can also do apple cinnamon, pumpkin pie, candy corn, or a variety!

But first ... keep reading. You don't want to miss seeing these polishes!!!

This is the full Halloween 2013 Collection. 6 of these polishes were inspired by the Halloween movie Hocus Pocus and can be bought separately. And the other 2 are the Halloween Thermals and can also be bought separately.

This is the Hocus Pocus Collection. Hocus Pocus is my favorite Halloween movie; certainly not the only one I love and will watch, but my favorite. And each polish is this collection was inspired by something in this movie. If you're a fan of Hocus Pocus I'm sure you can figure them out. If not, keep reading. :)

Firefly from Hell, the shimmery topper of this collection, shown over Revlon No Shrinking Violet.

Amok (imagine me jumping around chanting amok much as Sarah did in the movie) is an orange based jelly polish with various shapes and sizes of black glitter. Superstitious is inspired by Binx and is a black based jelly with large and micro holographic gold glitter and melon green dots. All that holographic makes it gleam like a cat's eyes in the dark. Firefly from Hell was inspired by the quote "You buck-toothed, mop-riding, firefly from hell." made by Billy the zombie to Winifred. It is a milky, shimmery topper that glows violet in the dark. Be-witching Old Broads was inspired by the bewitching old broads themselves, the Sanderson Sisters, and is like magic on your nails with a deep purple based jelly and tons of purple holographic micro glitter and silver holographic stars and moons. You're a Virgin?? is the basis of this entire collection, much like it was for the movie. This black based jelly with red and holographic red glitter was inspired by the lighting of the Black Flame Candle by a virgin! The movie wouldn't have worked without this and neither could my collection!! And last but not least we have Zombie Guts inspired by Billy Butcherson, a friendly zombie but still a zombie. This is a green based jelly polish with pastel green, red hexes and squares, and black and grey dots.

The Halloween Thermals are coloring changing polishes. These 2 beauties change from orange when cold to green when hot. Unholy Holo is (YES) a holographic thermal! It changes from a burnt orange to minty green and is stunning in sunlight!! It's sibling is Pumpkin Crusher, a bright orange to light green color changer with orange and pastel green glitter. This polish is interesting no matter what color it shifts.

And because I know you're curious, I leave you with these swatches of the thermals. :)

Remember, you only have until the 27th to pre-order these polishes at discount prices. Once they release on October 1st the collection prices will go up. That said, with the October release you will be able to buy single bottles at my normal prices. :)

My Storenvy

Until next time. ♥

Monday, September 16, 2013

September Wantable Box - Image Heavy

*All products were sent to me for testing and review, completely complimentary, from Wantable. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Hello everyone! After jealously eyeing all the subscription boxes other bloggers have been posting about recently, I was so excited to be asked to share Wantable and the September Wantable Box with you!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fresh Paint Guava - Swatch and Review

Another post?? YES! I've had this polish swatched and the pictures sitting on my computer for forever a few months.

I've gotten really horrible about doing my nails lately, so I'm trying to clear out all my old swatches in an effort to keep the blog going.

I picked up this and a few other Fresh Paint polishes at Five Below a few months ago. While Guava is definitely my favorite of those I bought, being such an amazingly gorgeous color, it was a real pain to work with! It's one of those polishes that streaks and drags, making the first coat a real eye-sore. Still, the really lovely almost neon peachy coral color works really well with my skin tone, in my opinion, bringing out the peachy tones instead of the yellow/green some polishes can bring out. I found the hassle worth it in the end.

You can see here the polish really is practically a neon in the sun.

I just had to see what this polish looked like with a coat of matte! Stunning!!

And I finally got around to trying the glitter topper I picked up at Sephora nearly a year ago!!! This is Chaotic from the Sephora X: The Toppers collection. It's a pretty standard black and white graffiti glitter, and was easy to apply. Still, probably not worth the money I paid for it given that every indie brand under the sun seems to have a black and white topper close to this at half the price ... live and learn, right?

Until next time. xoxo

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Spellbound Nails Fall Polishes 2013

Hey everyone! I'm so excited to tell you about 6 new fall polishes being released Monday (that's September 9th!).

This release will include a duo, Falling for You (seen top and bottom in the middle), sold only in mini bottles. The supplies for one of these polishes would have made it either a very limited limited edition or greatly increased the price to sell (to about $10-$12 a bottle + shipping). It was decided pairing it with a less costly to make polish and selling them together would give everyone the best possible price. :)

In addition to the duo you'll find Under the Harvest Moon and Mocha for Two, two very lovely glittery bases. As well as Autumn Vixen and Fall in Love, both sparkly glitter toppers.

Visit Paint Those Piggies to see these beauties in action. Seriously, you don't want to miss this post!!

* Reading her review you will find that Forever Green was too sheer to be used how I wanted and had to be reformulated. I leave you with these two pictures of the since updated polish.

This is 3 coats of Forever Green, with top coat, in the sun. I use thicker coats and could have worn this with 2 coats, but 3 is optimal if you are a weirdo and somehow manage to use thinner coats. ;)

This is 3 coats, with top coat, in my lightbox. If you look closely at this one you can really see the flecks of purple and green shimmery glitter.

Can I just end with how much I hate sun pictures? I have my lightbox and my camera all set up for the perfect skin tone and 'blurring' capabilities ... and the sun hides nothing! :p

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Glowing Galaxies - Galaxy Nails

Hello everyone! What's this? A real post you ask? With actual nail art?? YES! I bring you more galaxy nails!! I've been wanting to try doing galaxy nails again (and here too) ever since I saw Very Emily's Galaxy Drips of last September.

I used Petites Night as a base, sponged on a very light coat of China Glaze Blue Year's Eve. Then added some fairly random sponge blobs with Petites Raspberry Ice, Pure Ice Touch Me Softly, and Petites Figi. Since I don't have any plain glitter toppers, I put a scoop of holographic micro-glitter into a drop of base and lightly topped the entire nail with glitter. Lastly, I used a nail art brush and some white polish to create a star on each nail.

I love the pinky nail on this one. Something about the way the light hit it makes it look like a shooting star with the trail of purple streaming behind. :)

I liked the slightly textured look of this mani without top coat, but I couldn't resist adding some Seche Vite. It really made the colors pop.

And the best part? It glows in the dark!! This is one thick coat of a glow polish I'm testing for release ... and I used it over the black - BEFORE I even started sponging. I love that it glows through all the sponged on polishes but gets hidden behind the stars. It created an awesome effect, didn't it?

Monday, September 2, 2013

Guest Post: PMP Pop Up

Hello my lovelies! I bring you exciting news. One of my bestest friends in the whole wide world, Charlie, of Pocket Money Polishes, is a rising star in the UK polish world ... and she's coming to the US. Or rather, her polish is!!

Yes, PMP Glitter Babies will be here soon!!! Stephanie, the brains and muscle behind PMP USA, is here to tell you more.

Born in the USA
Hi Everyone! 

Ashley from Spellbound Nails has given me a great opportunity to introduce myself and what my brand is all about!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Stephanie Milne. I am from New Jersey. And yes, I have the attitude that comes along with it.  Yes, the Jersey Shore is real. Yes, most girls are orange. We know how to rock a poof and most importantly your born knowing exactly how to "fist pump". And "gorillas" don't just live at the zoo! 

I have my Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Rider University and have my Masters of Business Administration from Florida Institute of Technology. So, you're probably thinking "How in the heck did I get involved with an UK Indie nail polish company?"  Well, it's easy! A very close friend of mine, Charlie Smith, created Pocket Money Polishes. Her business is rapidly growing and has asked me to help her grow the PMP empire.   We have gotten a high response in the UK that we thought it was a good idea to bring PMP to America. This is where I come in! 

Pocket Money Polishes is proud to present Pocket Money Polishes USA! We are an extension of PMP. All of our products are handmade to order with love. Our mission at PMP and PMP USA is to bring our consumers a high quality, unique, one-of-a-kind glitter nail polish at a lower cost than the mainstream brands. Our collection offers a wide variety of colors and shapes to spice up your everyday nail look.

Brown Eyed Girl
In addition to our uniqueness, all of our nail polishes, also known as, Glitter Babies are 3 free, meaning they contain no toluene, formaldehyde, or DBP. They are also cruelty free!   Who doesn't like trying to be green and save the animals? WIN! 

As a PMP ambassador, I will be opening our pop up store for three days only! Our store will open September 13-15 and our supply is very limited. Our purpose of this pop-up store is to see the response we would get if we made PMP USA permanent. Wouldn't that be awesome?! Ummm ... Yes!

Some of the Glitter Babies we are offering at our pop-up store include: Ice Ice Baby, I Want Candy, Brown Eyed Girl, Boogie, Fever, and Starry Starry Night. Charlie has even created an exclusive Glitter Baby just for us called Born in the USA!! We announce a new Glitter Baby to our line each week until the opening of our pop-up store. Please check us out on Facebook for more information.  You can follow us on twitter @pocketmoneyusa or email us: glitterbabiesusa@gmail.com.

On our Facebook page we offer photos of all of our Glitter Babies, reviews from people all over the world including a review from Los Angeles' hottest blogger Melissa Ann and information regarding our store.

School's Out
Each Glitter Baby will be sold for $6.50 each with a standard shipping rate of $3.50. Also, if you spend $30 get FREE shipping!  We are currently holding a contest, for every 100 followers, I will select a random follower to receive a FREE Glitter Baby! Tell your friends about PMP USA! Remember we offer 3 free and cruelty free handmade one-of-a-kind glitter nail polish. Tell your friends to like our page. You might even get a freebie out of it!

To contact PMP USA like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @pocketmoneyusa or email is: glitterbabiesusa@gmail.com

Have a Polished Up day!! 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Spellbound Nails Restock + Discontinued Polishes

Hey everyone! I thought I'd drop in and let you know my Etsy shop, Spellbound Nails, will be restocked tomorrow (9/2). This restock will come with a $0.50 increase in shipping costs. After more than a handful of broken bottles shipping in bubble mailers (complete with fragile stickers) I felt it less costly in the long run to make the switch to shipping in boxes.

The much loved (and often sold out) Watermelon Seeds, Fuchsia-ristic, Jaded for Green, and All of Time and Space will be part of tomorrow's restock, so if you're looking to buy them be there tomorrow! Haven't seen them yet? Check out the pics below.

Watermelon Seeds


Jaded for Green

All of Time and Space

Now for the other part of my news. These polishes will be discontinued October 1st. That should give you enough time to buy them if you want them.

As well as the individual listings for this collection ...

Also retiring are these polishes:

That's all for now, folks. I hope to see you at the restock. :)