Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fresh Paint Guava - Swatch and Review

Another post?? YES! I've had this polish swatched and the pictures sitting on my computer for forever a few months.

I've gotten really horrible about doing my nails lately, so I'm trying to clear out all my old swatches in an effort to keep the blog going.

I picked up this and a few other Fresh Paint polishes at Five Below a few months ago. While Guava is definitely my favorite of those I bought, being such an amazingly gorgeous color, it was a real pain to work with! It's one of those polishes that streaks and drags, making the first coat a real eye-sore. Still, the really lovely almost neon peachy coral color works really well with my skin tone, in my opinion, bringing out the peachy tones instead of the yellow/green some polishes can bring out. I found the hassle worth it in the end.

You can see here the polish really is practically a neon in the sun.

I just had to see what this polish looked like with a coat of matte! Stunning!!

And I finally got around to trying the glitter topper I picked up at Sephora nearly a year ago!!! This is Chaotic from the Sephora X: The Toppers collection. It's a pretty standard black and white graffiti glitter, and was easy to apply. Still, probably not worth the money I paid for it given that every indie brand under the sun seems to have a black and white topper close to this at half the price ... live and learn, right?

Until next time. xoxo


  1. Guava is such a fabulous color on you! I love your nails... A. LOT!! I really like the glitter topper! You should've used Leopard in The Snow.. ;) What a perfect summer mani! Love, love, love it. :D

  2. I love the glitter over that pink, stunning!


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