Sunday, September 1, 2013

Spellbound Nails Restock + Discontinued Polishes

Hey everyone! I thought I'd drop in and let you know my Etsy shop, Spellbound Nails, will be restocked tomorrow (9/2). This restock will come with a $0.50 increase in shipping costs. After more than a handful of broken bottles shipping in bubble mailers (complete with fragile stickers) I felt it less costly in the long run to make the switch to shipping in boxes.

The much loved (and often sold out) Watermelon Seeds, Fuchsia-ristic, Jaded for Green, and All of Time and Space will be part of tomorrow's restock, so if you're looking to buy them be there tomorrow! Haven't seen them yet? Check out the pics below.

Watermelon Seeds


Jaded for Green

All of Time and Space

Now for the other part of my news. These polishes will be discontinued October 1st. That should give you enough time to buy them if you want them.

As well as the individual listings for this collection ...

Also retiring are these polishes:

That's all for now, folks. I hope to see you at the restock. :)

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