Monday, November 18, 2013

Calling All Doctor Who Fans

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I warn you now - get ready for the fangirling! And images, lots of images. If you want to skip the images and go straight to the polish you can simply go to my shop and see the swatches ... but just know that you will be missing something awesome!! AWESOME, I SAY!!!

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Seriously, don't wander off! You might miss something important ... and awesome ... definitely awesome.

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Did you know that this weekend is the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who?? Did you really think a Whovian obsessed nut like me could let that day pass without releasing a special polish?

Surely you jest!

Leave The Brakes On is a Tardis blue holographic. Did anyone else really love that bit in Time of Angels where River tells the Doctor that the Tardis isn't supposed to make that noise ... he just leaves the brakes on! Maybe you didn't love that bit. Still wandering why would I take my inspiration from the Tardis?

Photo Credit: Adrian Rogers, © BBC
Well ... the Doctor is always changing. Just about the only constant of the show is the Tardis. The Tardis never changes ...

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Except that time it was an organ ...

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Or, ya know, that time it was a woman.

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 But really, the Doctor would be nothing without the Tardis and it's ability to travel through time and space. He'd just be some odd alien bloke who works in a shop.

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Yes, yes, it's pretty in my lightbox, but check out the pictures taken with flash and in the sunlight!

Photo taken with flash.
Photo taken in sunlight
Photo taken in sunlight
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Do you see it? Do you see the awesomeness of this polish?? I thought you might, so there is only one thing left to say ...

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  1. I just received this and am applying it...such a gorgeous color!!!!


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