Thursday, January 9, 2014

Spellbound Nails does Valentine's Day with the Victorian Romance Collection (PIC HEAVY)

Hello lovelies! I bring you Valentine's Day polishes!! Being a polish maker means I have to be thinking much further into the future than I ever wanted to ... I sometimes forget what month it is lol.

But right now I know it's January but when speaking in terms of mixing and shipping polish, Valentine's Day is just around the corner. So take a moment and look at the pretties!!

This collection will be available for pre-sales 1/10 - 1/17. This means you'll be able to buy this collection in full and mini bottles (at pre-sale discount prices) starting tomorrow. The full release, meaning the ability to buy singular bottles, will start 1/22. As always, you can buy all Spellbound Nails polishes from my Etsy shop or my Storenvy shop.

I love having some kind of inspiration for my collections; not only do my polishes turn out better but I love being able to point to something and say "look, look, that right there - that inspired me so much that I had to make something awesome!"

Vintage Valentine © Victorian Traditions
This time, that inspiration came from the old timey Victorian Valentine's Day cards and postcards. You know those ones that are all yellowing parchment, lace, and soft and bright watercolors.

First up is Cheeks Tinted Red. This is a stunning bright red holographic.

 This polish has double the amount of holo that I put in my normal holos however I quickly found red eats holo. It adds a lot of depth and shimmer and has more of a lightly scattered holo effect.

And a close up of the bottle in the little amount of sunlight we're getting around here right now.

*There has been a slight increase in the pricing of my holographics. I have started buying a much better holographic pigment, however this does mean an increase in price for me which I sadly have to pass on to you. Holographic polishes using this new pigment will now sell for $9 in my shops. Prices will change on already released holos (only those using this new pigment) February 1st. This was a very hard decision for me since I pride myself on being affordable, and I believe I have managed to keep to my brand even with the price increase.

Next up is Parchment and Lace. This was the base of this collection - the very first polish mixed up and the one everything else was built around. I think the name of this one says it all. It's everything this collection was inspired by. Yellowing parchment, lace, and beautiful watercolors.

I've been told that this is a very flexible polish and would also work well for Easter and summer too.

This is the only glitter topper of the collection. Love & Devotion is a wonderfully romantic glitter in my opinion with it's white, pink and red glitter with lots of rainbow shimmer.

I'm All Aflutter is a gorgeous baby blue with purple and pastel pink glitter.

And last but not least is My Own Sweet Valentine. This is a girly, pearly pink with a delicate golden shimmer that acts almost duo-chrome-y in person.

Did I mention My Own Sweet Valentine also glows in the dark?? There are three different glow pigments hidden behind this girly pink - blue, green, and peach. Together they combine to glow an icy white with just a hint of blue and green. The blue and green show up a lot better in pictures. In person it really is an icy white with just a hint of blue and green. And with so much glow pigment the glow is pretty insane!

You can see a few hints and specks of the peach glow in this picture along with the blue and green. This is a picture of Love & Devotion over My Own Sweet Valentine.

I hope you enjoy these polishes as much as I do and remember pre-sales start tomorrow! :)

Until next time,
- Ashley


  1. Ohmygoodness I LOVE I'm All Aflutter!

  2. This collection looks great! I love the look of them all, especially Love & Devotion and Parchment and Lace! :)

  3. These are beautiful!!! Especially Love & Devotion, I'm all Aflutter and My Own Sweet Valentine!


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