Sunday, February 16, 2014

Won't You Be My Valentine | Nail Art & Outfit

I'm a little late posting but my weekends are usually really busy. Still, better late than never right? This post covers not just my Valentine's Day nail art but also my V-Day outfit. :)

I have no significant other this year so I went out for dinner with family. I felt a little pathetic but we had fun and ate some good food. We left early so it wasn't really dinnertime and beat the crowd. However, this meant I had very little time to get ready and do my nails so I went really simple. I used 3 quick coats of My Own Sweet Valentine scented rose and added a holographic heart as an accent. Those of you who have bought my nail polish will recognize this as the heart that goes on your bottle's cap. It worked perfectly and didn't crinkle or pull up when I added a layer of top coat!

All simpleness aside I think my favorite part of this mani was the way it glowed in the dark.

Now for the outfit part of this post. While attempting to take a simple outfit pic my Labrador, Shiloh, kept wandering into the shot. She usually hates pictures so I really couldn't resist snapping a few while she was so willing. :)

I'll start with my outfit so you can wander off afterwards ... though I'm going to believe you're evil if you don't want to see my cute pup. :p

The top and polka dot jeggings are from Boscov's. Both I managed to pick up on sale. The jeggings just last weekend for about $5 (originally $40!!). The cami is from Walmart, and my much beloved boots are from Zulily.

So, what did you wear for Valentine's Day (outfit, nails or both)?

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  1. Cute V Day manicure and I have to mention you have a lovely dog.
    I don't usualy celebrate Valentines Day, so it was the same as all other days...oh, but I got some beautiful flowers from my husband :)


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