Thursday, June 5, 2014

Spellbound Nails Cremes and Holo Toppers

Hello lovelies! I have such exciting news to share with you. Having my own website, where I could sell all my pretties in one place without all the horrendous fees Etsy tacks on, was one of my goals for the new year. AND I DID IT!! I worked tirelessly and 6 months later my new shop is up and ready for orders! will now redirect you to the new website so come check us out.

Did I mention we open with 5 new creme collections and 2 new holographic toppers!!! So many polishes, so little time so forgive me while I spam you with nail polish pics ... lots more after the break so keep reading. :)

The Darks are deep, dark cremes perfect for any Spellbounder. Based around witchcraft and magic ... whether real or make believe.

Swatches courtesy Over The Top Coat
I was going to attempt to do these swatches myself but 25+ polishes quickly proved far too much for me so I shipped out samples to my bloggers who were wonderful with testing and swatching them for me. :) Here is another look at The Darks.

Swatches courtesy Painted Nubbs
What is more perfect for summer than some neons? The Brights are a collection of neon cremes. Yes, you read that right - neon cremes. Wear them over white in two coats like shown above or 3 coats alone.

The Lights are a collection of surprising bright pastel cremes. These are stunning in pictures and even better in person. Hard to believe, right?

Swatches courtesy Fairly Charming
The Naturals are like a vacation around the world. Taking names and inspiration from things like San Pedro Morning (the khaki polish) to the Mediterranean Sky (the blue polish). Follow the link to check out the rest.

Swatches courtesy 4Boys 1Mom Lacquer
The Neutrals were specially created to be perfectly neutral. These polish go with any outfit, adding a hint of class and elegance, all without getting you in trouble at work.

Swatches from Painted Nubbs, Over The Top Coat, and 4Boys 1Mom Lacquer
You may be wondering about the holographic topper seen in all the above collages. Here is Holo Back Girl! in action. If a holographic topper could be simple that's what this one is. It's a gorgeous scattered holo that dusts your nails in sparkle.

Did I mention that you get a free full size bottle of this topper with the purchase of one of the full size creme collections??

You can also buy this separately if you're just looking for a scattered holo topper. :)

And last but not least ... Here Comes The Smolder. In more ways than one. I'm not sure a holographic topper gets better than this. It has silver holographic hex glitter and a heaping of scattered holographic. The depth and smolder it adds to you polish is stunning!! Seriously, if it can look like this in pictures just imagine how it looks in person.

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