Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Shimmering Mauve

Today I bring you a swatch. Not my usual lately, I know. I'm more of a nail artist to be honest, but I've had this color sitting in one of my polish drawers since Christmas. Looking at it now, I really don't know why I never used it before.

This is Orly brand polish in Shimmering Mauve. Personally, I wouldn't call this mauve. To me, a color has to have at least a hint of purple to qualify as mauve. I would say this is more one of the many rose shades. Rose vale, maybe? 

And yet, no matter the specifics of naming, it is gorgeous! Shimmering Mauve is a polish I mistook for a pearl in the bottle and might contribute to why it sat around unused for so long. Even on my nails it still has a slight pearl finish in certain lights.

It goes on very smoothly. I found it had little to no streaking. It is also very opaque. It was simply habit that had me putting on two coats. This can certainly be a one-coater polish! Every girls dream, right?

Taken in the shade. It looks nearly pearlescent here, doesn't it?

This color reminds me of old fashioned elegance with a new age flair. This is a color that can travel generations. It's a color, without the pearly metallic, that I recently saw my 103-year-old Great Aunt wearing. God rest her soul, she's no longer with us as of last week. This is a color that my mother would love and a color that I am greatly enjoying wearing.

What do you think? Is it a color for you?

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