Friday, April 27, 2012

Pretty Camo

Hello, girlies! I tried my hand at stamping again today. I still haven't got it down yet, but I might be getting better. What do you think?

I think of this mani as deconstructed camo or my attempt at 'pretty camo'. While doing this design, I kept in mind the camo that uses various shades of green and tan to create leaves and a wood texture. I think it turned out very nice with this flowery, girlish stamp.

For some reason the middle nail smudged horribly when I stamped the design. Can you push too hard while stamping?

The two polishes used come from the Revlon Colorstay collection which just arrived in my small town. They are Bare Bones and Spanish Moss. I picked them up with a slightly different mani in mind but they looked far too much like camo colors to do anything else with them. :)

I'm still not sure how other bloggers get such perfect and whole stamps, but I'm just happy to see more than half the stamp on my nails this time!


  1. Looks good. You Just have to play with the stamper and see what works best. On some images you may need to put more pressure than others.
    I still have problems with stamping.

    1. Thank you! It's been a while since I used my stamper. I had ordered a whole set from an overseas company in hopes of having more designs to work with but it's been about 3 months so I'm guessing they got lost coming through customs. :'(

  2. Very cool stamping! I love the colors! I'm so bad at stamping!


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