Friday, September 14, 2012

Resident Evil: Retribution

Hello girlies! I'm sorry for the long wait between posts. There's been some super huge 'end of spring' cleaning happening in my house and I managed to cut my finger. I wanted to let it heal a bit before risking nail polish remover. That said, I should have enough room for another nail polish drawer before I know it!! ♥

However, I could't let the theater debut of the new Resident Evil movie (Resident Evil: Retribution) pass without some nail art!! I apologize for the extreme brightness of this picture. I had to take it with flash since the sunlight made the red disappear completely into the black.

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I knew immediately what I wanted to do for this design. It was getting it onto my nails that was nearly impossible. I decided to create my own nail stickers in hopes of making the completion of this design easier. The Umbrella symbol was made so much easier with this method. It gave me a flat surface to work on, one that I could twist and turn to get the best angle. A dot in the middle, triangles in alternating red and white around this dot, and curved tops. I did blood splatter as I always do, but I loved the way nail stickers gave me the option of choosing the splatter pattern I wanted instead of having to go with what came out of the straw.

The hardest part by far was the bloody fingerprint. It had me almost giving up a few times before I came up with a design I liked. While this idea came from a tutorial I found on deviantART, I had to adapt it so that it would work for me and this design. I painted the pad of my index finger with black and stamped a fingerprint onto my homemade sticker. I left my finger on the sticker until it was almost permanently stuck so that it would leave an imprint on the sticker just in case the black polish didn't get left behind right. With a small brush I traced an approximation of my fingerprint over the black. It wasn't exact but it came through well enough to get the idea across.

So, what's your favorite horror movie? While I used to be a huge horror movie buff The Resident Evil series and the Bride of Chucky are just about the only horror movies I'll watch anymore unless I'm feeling nostalgic.


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