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Spellbound Nails Harry Potter Inspired Book 1 Collection

Hello lovelies! I am so very excited for today's post. It's part one of my Christmas gift to you and something I've been planning for months and months ... pretty much since I started making nail polish I knew I wanted to do this collection. The idea has grown since then to be a massive, multiple collection idea that has taken so much planning but I'm finally ready to start sharing this with you. What is this massive top secret idea? Harry Potter, of course! Those of you who know me even a little know how utterly obsessed I am with Harry Potter! So many years after the last book and I still pick them up occasionally for a re-read.

I started this series in a way I thought was very appropriate - with Book 1. I took some of my favorite things from the book and turned them into polish. And in an attempt to be symbolic, I created 7 polishes. 7 books, 7 horcuxes, 

Since this will be such a long, image heavy post please click the Read More below. If you'd like to simply skip this post and check out the polish for yourself you can find it here.

Welcome to my very first Harry Potter collection! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Image from [allthingsgirlyy]

Hogwarts Express is a bright red jelly polish with gold and midnight brown flakies.

You may not think of it in the same way or think it's very important but I adored the Hogwarts Express and wanted to ride on the train to Hogwarts with Harry every year because I knew this was his lifeline. THIS was the thing taking him away from the Dursleys every year, the place he made his very first friend, and it was a place filled with laughter and love not just for Harry but for every Hogwarts student past and present since the invention of the Express. The Hogwarts Express is the first taste of magic for so many, and I'm not sure Hogwarts (or the friendships inside the castle) would be quite the same without it.

Original images [diarylock]
gif by me

Troll Bogeys is an awesome milky grey polish filled with holographic silver hexes and squares in various sizes.

Oddly, this polish right here was the start of everything. Kind of how it was in the books. So much happened before the troll but it was such a life changing moment that created the trio we know and love. Would Harry Potter truly exist without Ron and Hermione? Would Harry and Ron have ever accepted Hermione without the troll and his bogeys??

Bluebell Flames is a baby blue polish with a blue shimmer that glows a bright aqua in the dark.

The other polishes may have a lovely reason why I chose them but this polish is completely and totally personal. I just loved this spell. I love to sit in front of a fireplace and watch the flames dance so I think being able to simply scoop up a flame and carry it around in a bottle would be awesome!

Image from [anoldiesoul]

Mirror of Erised is a mirror like silver holographic polish.

The Mirror of Erised is such a great and terrible thing. Harry finally gets to see his parents, grandparents, so many family members that I'm sure there are no pictures of anywhere ... but the urge to simply sit before the mirror and waste away is so overpowering. I think this moment is one of the most heart-wrenching of the entire series, and to actually see it brought to life in the movie brought me to tears.

Image from [howriddikulus]
Shown over Mirror of Erised
Shown over Witching Hour

Unicorn Blood is a shimmery based glitter topper filled with iridescent glitter of various sizes.

No unicorns were harmed in the making of this polish for unicorn blood is something so monstrous that even the Hog's Head has banned the sale of it, forbade customers from even asking about it. To kill something so pure and defenseless to save yourself will give you a half-life, a cursed-life, from the moment the blood touches your lips. I wanted something beautiful and delicate to represent this beautiful creature, and I like to think I succeeded.

Image from [Fanpop]

The Philosopher's Stone is a shimmery red polish with holographic gold square glitter.

How could I not create a polish based on the main objective of the first book?? And what Philosopher's Stone is complete without its ability to make gold?

Image from [galleryhip]

Man with Two Faces is a really gorgeous purple/red thermal with holographic silver and red glitter. For those who don't know this means the polish changes color with temperature changes. This one changes from a bright purple when it's cold to a crimson-y red when it's hot. For short nails this means you'll mostly get a one toned color change. If you're outside on a cold day your nails will be purple, sitting in front of a fire or heater will produce a crimson nail. Or you can do like I did for the pictures and impress your friends by dunking your nails in hot or cold water. However, for those with longer nails (nails that extend past the nail bed and over the edges of your fingers) you'll get a really awesome ombre effect. The tips of your nails have no body heat for the polish to compete with so they will turn purple very easily leaving the nail attached to your nail bed crimson. :)

I'm sure you know where the inspiration for this one came from. Quirell and his bright purple turban hiding Voldemort with his crimson colored eyes. This was the second polish I created for this collection and I just knew it needed to be a thermal.

I am extremely happy and excited about this collection, and I really hope you are too. Let me know your favorites in the comments. :)

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  1. Fantastic collection and I love the name of the polishes too. All of your manicures look gorgeous!

  2. I actually squealed when I saw the title of this post - just gorgeous polishes! I'm in love with all of them, but my favorites would have to be Troll Bogeys, Hogwarts Express, and Man with Two Faces.


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