Thursday, January 29, 2015

A-Z Weekly Challenge - L is for Lines

*Some products were sent to me for testing and review, completely complimentary, from Barielle. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

A post? A real post? I know it's been forever, and I really apologize. I hate saying it, but I always thought a little badly about bloggers who started making nail polish and suddenly disappeared from the blogging community, but I totally get it now. Running a business is insanely hard. Having a life while running a business is next to impossible. Blogging (a job in itself) while juggling getting a new business on its feet and real life? Impossible, or simply so much extra, stressful work that most never even try after the initial rush.

But things are finally settling into place for me. I'm still super busy, but I finally feel like Spellbound Nails the business is easing into a rhythm and life is slotting into the open areas of this. After a year of the only polish on my nails being something that got there accidentally while mixing I'm finally finding time to do my nails at least once a week. They usually don't last more than a day ... a few hours depending on how many orders I have to get mixed and shipped, but that's more than I thought would ever happen this time last year. So I'm going to try my best to share my nails with you again. I'm not going to promise quality pictures every time. Sometimes the best you'll get is a quick picture snapped on my phone, but I hope you'll enjoy them all the same.

In an attempt to motivate myself even more to post more often I've become part of a great group doing an A-Z weekly challenge. I'm late coming in so they're already up to Lines for L but I managed two attempts at this letter.

My first attempt started with a white base that I used a fan brush to brush Wet n Wild 'On A Trip', Sinful Colors ' Mint Apple', Wet n Wild 'Candy-licious', and Sinful Colors 'Hazard' over. This was my first attempt at a fan brush mani. I'm not too sure about it. It looks great close up but is kind of a jumble once leaving the distance of the tip of your nose.

With this in mind I dug out some homemade vinyls and did a zigzag pattern over it using China Glaze 'Stone Cold'. This is from their Hunger Games Capitol Colours collection from way back in 2012 I believe during the release of the first Hunger Games movie. I absolutely love this metallic matte color, and it's still perfection after so long!! It does start drying and setting pretty quickly though so not perfect for vinyls. You can see in the above picture some of the ragged edges left behind when I peeled the vinyls off.

My second design for Lines was a design I've been wanting to do since I received these polishes for review. Honestly, I think it turned out even better than how I imagined!! I started with a two coat base of Barielle 'Kiss Me Kate', Barielle 'Autumn in Seoul' for the accent nail. Once Kiss Me Kate was completely dry I used more homemade zigzag vinyls and painted over them with Autumn in Seoul. It seems these colors are just made for zigzag manis are my original review used them too. :)

I added a gold stud from the Born Pretty Store to my accent nail and it was done. It's such a simple, wearable mani that I don't want to take it off until it's too chipped to see. :)

I really hope you enjoyed my 'Line' manis, and I'm looking forward to finding time to do a multi-colored design for next week. Until then check out the other lovelies doing this challenge with me.

Until next time,

*Some products were sent to me for testing and review, completely complimentary, from Barielle. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Your fan brush mani looks great, but I love the polishes you used in your chevron mani! They look great together!


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