Thursday, February 5, 2015

A-Z Weekly Challenge - M is for Multi-Coloured

Hello lovelies! Another week and another challenge post. This week is M for Multi-Coloured. I'm sorry Charlie (Pocket Money Polishes) but you Brits kill me every time you put U's in words where they don't belong lol. <3

This week I tried something new for me. I used acrylic paint. It's much different sponging on acrylic paint than it is sponging on nail polish.

I apologize for the quality but I snapped this with my phone. This is my new work station. It's just one of those collapsible dinner trays/stands you can pick up at Walmart. I even picked up a brand new file since I started doing my nails more often; it's a Revlon Shape 'N' Buff. From base coat to top coat I used: Revlon Colorstay (the original, not the new gel base), a plain white polish, Apple Barrel acrylic in Purple Iris, Lime Tree, Jack-O-Lantern, and Bright Magenta, and then finished with Seche Vite top coat. Also shown is the eyeshadow applicators I use as sponges for manis like this.

Like I said, sponging acrylic paint is much different than sponging nail polish. My eyeshadow applicator usually leaves a nice dimply textured pattern behind but the texture of acrylic seems to be wetter and thinner and left these really cool almost brush strokes instead. I'm oddly reminded of a child's crayon scribblings.

I used a plain white polish under it all to really make the bright colors I picked pop. I'm actually really loving this mani ... though I almost wish I had kept this on a little longer and stamped something childish over it to really complete the kid's scribbles idea.

Check out the other great Multi-Coloured manis done for this challenge below.

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