Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A-Z Weekly Challenge - N is for New

Hello lovelies and welcome to another A-Z Weekly Challenge post ... yep it's really, really late. New was supposed to be posted last Thursday. I did the design, got pictures but never actually found time to go through them and get them ready for posting so you'll have two A-Z posts this week - today's and tomorrow's. :)

Today's post is for N which is for New. This isn't technically a new technique for me as I've done a watermarble before and attempted it another time or two but what is new about it is that it actually worked this time!

I started with two coats of a basic white on my nails, taped around my fingers, and then started making my designs with Wet n Wild [Candy-licious], Wet n Wild [On a Trip], and the basic white again. I had originally intented to use pink, purple, and blue but the blue refused to spread out once it touched the water so I defaulted to white and I think it's perfect! So glad the blue didn't work!!

My first few fingers took the brunt of my learning curve. I didn't do enough designs, I couldn't gauge correctly where to stick my fingers to pick up the best design and ended up getting the tail-end of them. It was a comedy act ... right up until I spilled the whole bowl of water plus already made marble right into my lap, all over the chair, and the floor while trying to do my right hand. Thankfully I'd already gotten these pictures because the designs were slightly ruined by polish splatters during cleanup. So yeah, that was a new experience too. :( But long after the memories and panic fade I shall forever have the pictures of my first successful watermarble and that's something to treasure.

Until next time have a peek at what everyone else came up with for this challenge,

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