Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pure Ice - Rumors

I decided to start the week off right and give my nails a little TLC after noticing some peeling at the tips when taking off my feeling purple mani. My nails spent yesterday polish free with layers of various creams slathered on them throughout the day and are feeling much better for this.

However, that TLC was nearly ruined when I opened a new bottle of white only to find it the consistancy of water. It is the only white I currently have so I thought maybe I could apply two or three very thin layers and make everything work, but I was wrong. The polish migrated off into the creases of my nail no matter how thin I made the layers. Finally, I had to give up on any designs that would focus heavily on white until I can pick up a new bottle.

So, instead of a design I'm choosing to do a simple swatch of a color from a nail polish my mom bought for me. She knows me so well!! ♥ It's been sitting in one of my nail polish drawers since before Christmas so I think it's finally time to give it a try. I find it such a gorgeous color and would love to see how it looks in matte or swamped with glitter. However, I decided to leave trying matte and glitter for later. I really want to just showcase the true extent of this beauty of a color.

Pure Ice Rumors is a little bit red, a little bit purple, and a whole lot of mauve—old mauve that is. I find the polish just the right consistancy for a smooth stroke. This is the consistancy with which I can cover my whole nail in two or three smooth strokes without having to go over the nail repeatedly. Also, the color goes on nearly opaque in just one coat. I'm sure some people wouldn't even think of putting on a second coat, but I prefer a truly full coverage look so I'm going for two coats. I will say I'm impressed with how quickly this polish dries given it's not marked quick dry.

Isn't it a gorgeous color? I'll admit it's a teensy bit dull on its own having none of the shimmer of Zoya polish or the shiny brightness of China Glaze, but the color is great IMO. Give it some flash with a stamped design, a bit of sparkle, or some bling and you'll have nails that really pop!

Artificial Light

Natural Light

Here it is in natural light after stamping with Wet n' Wild Metallica. I'm still not 100% on the stamping wagon. My stamper gives me no end of trouble. I'm quick and efficient when working and I keep the pressure consistant across the nail but half the stamp is nearly always left behind. I'm not sure how people get such clear and whole designs, but I bow to their expertise! Still, even with only half the design on the nail it is eye-catching. I'm 50/50 and will continue to use the stamper until I make up my mind. :)

Artificial Light Stamped

Natural Light Close Up

So, what do you think? Is it totally one of your faves too?


  1. I'm definitely not a mauve person, don't think it looks that great on my skin, but this looks nice on you! I'm also with you on the stamping. I've practiced it a few times, but I've only done two stamped manis where the pattern was tolerable. But I like the patterns on my stamping plate so much! I just wish I was better at it =P

  2. Nicely done. I absolutely love Pure Ice nail polishes. They are often overlooked but the quality is great. I need to get to my nails so that I can get my post up tomorrow morning.


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