Monday, January 9, 2012

Red Flowering Trees

I did a design similar to this last year for Mother's Day using a Japanese cherry blossom tree, but I didn't want to redo the same design. With this in mind, I decided to try my hand at some new techniques and color combinations.

This is only the second time I've tried sponging color onto a nail. I can't seem to keep the speckled look once I add the top coat, even if I allow the color to dry completely. It all blends together in the end. While this gives a pretty, slightly watercolor look, it's not usually what I'm going for. Thankfully, I was very pleased when the colors blended on these nails. Overall, I really like them and am happy to share them.

A word of warning to those wishing to try sponging—don't use a cheap sponge. I have little bits of the sponge I used stuck in the polish.

Polish Used
* Sally Hansen Double Duty as Base Coat
* Wet & Wild Tickled Pink
* Sally Hansen Chocolate Creme
* China Glaze Poinsetta
* New York Color Lincoln Center
* Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat
* The light gray is a self-mixed combo of Pure Ice Super Star!, New York Color Sidewalkers, and Sally Hansen Wet Cement.


  1. This looks great!!! You should check out my latest'd be perfect for it :)

    1. This definitely looks right up my alley. Once I get my blog into a steady flow I will certainly apply for this. Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction. :)


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