Monday, September 15, 2014

PREORDER Give Up The Ghost - Halloween Collection

Hello lovelies! Anyone who knows me or follows me knows I LOVE Halloween. Can you hear my squeal of excitement from there?? Why am I so terribly excited? Because I have another awesome Halloween collection. Last year's collection was inspired by the most amazing Halloween movie ever, Hocus Pocus (collection still available only on This year's collection is inspired by probably the second most awesome Halloween movie ever ... I think it ties with Nightmare Before Christmas for second favorite but that's kinda Halloween and Christmas.

But ... Casper!! I am so proud and excited to introduce you to the Give Up The Ghost Collection.

Pre-sales: 9/15-9/22
Pre-orders will ship after 9/22
Full release: 9/27

Also available on:

Do you see? Do you see?? Isn't it awesome??? There are 6 polishes, each one inspired by one of my favorite scenes, quotes, or things about the movie ... and 5 of them glow in the dark! It's practically a rainbow of glow!

Here is where you get to choose. You can either immediately run to and preorder these beauties (because you know you want to!) or you can continue on the road of discovery with me and see more of these polishes. I warn you now it's heavy on the image. ;)

Still here? Okay, moving on!

This is Unfinished Business. It's an earthy, hunter green polish with a gorgeous green shimmer that glows green in the dark. Can any Casper lover seriously say they didn't love the part in the movie where Kat and Casper trick the ghostly Carrigan into admitting she has no unfinished business? Nothing to tie her to Earth?

Pinky Promise is a bright bubblegum pink crelly with white and holographic black hexes and holographic black triangle glitters. This polish glows yellow in the dark.

Boo is a glitter topper but glitter topper just doesn't do this polish justice. Awesome topper? Still doesn't come close! It has holographic orange, holographic green, fuchsia, black, and a sprinkling of white glitter in hexes, squares, dots, and skulls! Inspired by that moment the human Casper turns back into a ghost, gives an awkward laugh, and questioningly says Boo? and everyone at the party goes running. I thought this moment was a perfect way to wrap up this year's Halloween collection. :) Boo is shown here over Unfinished Business.

Can I Keep You? is a lovely warm purple with banana yellow stars and hexes and orange shreds. This polish also glows purple in the dark. What person doesn't know the inspiration for this one? Most people who grew up during the movie's release or had a child of viewing age knows this question! Casper whispers it to Kat as she falls asleep and then again as the human Casper dances with Kat.

Get An Afterlife is a beautiful baby blue with holographic blue and black hexes, holographic silver squares, and fuchsia dots. This polish glows bright baby blue in the dark. The inspiration is more the slogan for the movie but I still think it fits perfectly ... and it makes an amazingly beautiful polish. :)

Instant Primordial Soup Mix is a red/orange jelly with holo orange glitter that glows orange in the dark. That long (fun looking) ride to the Lazarus machine and our first glimpse of the formula that brings back the dead - and Casper's words that it's basically an instant primordial soup mix - is just brilliant! And is what inspired this polish.

Anddd that's all folks! What do you think? Have a favorite of this collection? If so, let me know in the comments. ;)

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