Thursday, February 19, 2015

A-Z Weekly Challenge - O is for Old

Hello again lovelies! You saw New yesterday and what's New without Old? You may recognize this from a long ago post. Seriously, the design I'm redoing today is such an old, old design. I did it the year I started my blog so my nails and my style of art have really changed since then.

Not only is it an old design redone ... it's a vintage design!!! Double the old!

I think the matte mani has a more victorian feel to it but it's really pretty shiny!

Between 2012 and now I seem to have forgotten how to draw roses. I struggled like crazy to get them to look even this nice. And I've discovered a terrible horror with my polish collection - I don't have a minty mint!!! I actually had to custom mix the color I used and it's far too blue for my minty tastes. But overall I'm actually very happy with this design.

Oh how very far I've come in 3 years. Here is the original design and my new ... and improved design? I don't know. Which is your favorite?

Until next time,


  1. Love this its stunning! And even your first attempt looks great :)

  2. They're both pretty awesome! And you did a great job of mixing up a shade after finding yourself without x


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