Friday, April 5, 2013

Autism Awareness Charity Fundraiser Auction - AACFA

I am going to forgo my usual blogs to love post and give you only one blog to love this week.

Autism Awareness Charity Fundraiser Auction AACFA The Nail Files By Lynda Spellbound Nails Nail Lacquer nail polish Schrader Foundation Creations by Lynda Delush Polish NailNation

The Nail Files By Lynda will be hosting an auction for Autism awareness month. All proceeds will be donated to the Schrader Autism Foundation (and the link to Schrader Facebook Page). 

I will be donating a custom made nail polish for this auction ... and if I have time, I may do something else crafty.

Donations are still needed though. It's not just polish, so if you're crafty or just have something handmade you want to donate for the auction please see this post and get in contact with Lynda. She is a wonderful woman, so don't be scared to message her!! This fundraiser, this cause, needs all the help it can get, and that help has to come from people like me and you — as well as these other lovely contributors: Creations by Lynda, Delush Polish, and NailNation.

This is for a really great cause, so even if you have nothing to donate at least take a moment to look at the post and share it!

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