Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Time Periods: Ancient Rome

We're off to Ancient Rome with this post for the Time Periods Challenge.

Time Periods nail art Challenge Ancient Rome Spellbound Nails Lacquer red gold white skirt pteruges soldier

There were two things I thought of when I saw Ancient Rome — gladiators and Roman soldiers. I finally decided on Roman soldiers. I did my best at creating pteruges on my nails. I had to search long and hard to find out the proper name for this piece of clothing/armor. Pteruges were the decorative skirts made of leather or fabric strips that were worn around Roman and Greek soldier's waists. Some of them had metal studs and such on them to give additional protection.

Next up for the Time Periods Challenge: Medieval.

Coming tomorrow: Beauty and the Beast for the Disney Challenge ... if I can get them done in time. I was finally right on time for my posts, and then I spent a day making new nail polish instead of doing my nails, so now I'm behind again. At least you'll have some really gorgeous new nail polish from me to look forward to.

*A reminder. The Grin & Bear It Giveaway is ending tomorrow. So get your entries in!


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  2. I found you through Wacky Laki and I am so glad I did! These are amazing and would be a great pattern for other colors too. Thank you for sharing!


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