Monday, April 22, 2013

Disney Challenge: Bambi

Welcome to another Disney Challenge post. We've hit the mid-way point in the movie inspired portion of this challenge. Another 5 manis and it will be time to start the princesses.

Bambi Disney Challenge movie nails nail art flowers freehand hand drawn butterfly watercolor effect character nails Spellbound Nails Lacquer

Today's mani is Bambi inspired. Bambi is my mom's Fox and the Hound. She refuses to watch this movie, so I've probably only watched it once or twice. I went with a pure green background using my watercolor effect. Then I created flowers along the tips of my nails and finally drew in Bambi's nose with a butterfly resting on it.

I seem to slowly but surely be falling behind in these challenges. I am really starting to hate the rush to finish a mani the day it's supposed to be posted!

Up next in this challenge: The Lion King

Up next: Medieval for the Time Periods Challenge.

Until next time!


  1. I received your Madness Is Catching and Grin and Bear It polishes today and I absolutely love them!! Thank you also for the mini Off With Their Heads! I have already posted about your wonderful polishes on my blog. Thanks again - I look forward to ordering more soon!


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