Thursday, April 18, 2013

Disney Challenge: Beauty and the Beast

I'm almost embarrassed about this one, but here it is. My Beauty and the Beast mani for the Disney Challenge.

Disney nail art Challenge Beauty and the Beast yellow Sally Hansen Lightening music notes white rose magic magical wilting Princess nails Spellbound

Nothing went right with this design. I realized quickly that I need new yellow polish because the Sally Hansen Lightening was insanely hard to work with! Then I knocked over TWO bottles of polish, one of them almost ending up in  my lap (while I was wearing my favorite pants). My nail art brush is in major need of a good clean ... or maybe I just need a new brush. Yikes!

So yeah, a bit embarrassed about this mani. I used yellow to match Belle's infamous dress, drew random music notes across my nails, and then finished with the magical wilting rose.

Up next: Bambi. Thankfully, I think I have an idea for this one!

A small update on my polish. I am working like a crazy person for a huge release of new polish and a restock of old. :)


  1. I did Bambi nail art maybe a week ago and I enjoyed doing it. Curious about what you're going to come up with :)

  2. Hello, apparently you were one of the followers on my old blog on Blogger and I just wanted to update you that it has now moved to Wordpress at this URL Hope to see you there ;D


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