Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Claire's - Magnetix

Hello, everyone! I've been told recently that I can sniff out a sale or a great deal on nail polish from a mile away. I'm beginning to think that's true since I recently snagged $50 worth of nail polish for $10, but that sale isn't what today's post is about.

I was in Claire's last week grabbing some things to send to my best friend for her birthday. I got her haul all picked out and was checking out when the wonderful woman behind the counter pointed out the container beside me that held their brand of magnetic polish, Claire's Magnetix. Now, I have seen tons of posts on magnetic polishes and I have never been very impressed. I remember asking what the big deal was.

Well, now I know what the big deal is! This woman popped open one of their display polishes and showed me right then and there how it worked. I was so impressed that I bought two at their buy one, get one half off price. Two awesome polishes at a great price? What could be better??

I haven't tried the gold on my own nails yet but it's the color that convinced me to buy the magnetic polish so that should say something about it. I also picked up their dark blue and I have to say I'm in love!! Check it out.

In direct sunlight. It's truly stunning, isn't it? I don't know if this has micro glitter or if it's just the iron powder but there are sparks of blue-ish purple and light blue that seem to be only visible in direct sunlight. Sadly, it doesn't seem to show up in pictures.

With flash. While the flash washed them out a bit the magnetic designs are still very visible.

Here is the actual magnet. It sits like a cap on the bottle, fitting over the actual screw on cap that holds the brush. There are resting places that sit comfortably against your finger as you hold the magnet over your nail. Yes, that is polish on my magnet. I sometimes let the magnet droop while using it and it settles onto the wet polish. It's something I'm learning not to do.

Pros, Cons, & Tips
(in no specific order)
  • The cap is slightly hard to open for me. It's short and stubby and I find my fingers slip a bit as well.
  • The brush is large and wide. Not as large or as wide as some of the Sally Hansen brushes, but the Claire's bottle is smaller so it fits that the brush would be smaller as well.
  • The polish is near the perfect consistency, not too runny nor is it goop-y.
  • To me, the polish also doesn't have an unpleasant, overpowering scent. I find it very light and what I can smell is slightly flowery to me. (Scents are all very personal though so don't quote me on this!)
  • Remember to shake the polish well. You need to reincorporate the iron powder for mega eye-catching designs.
  • Do two layers. One on all nails that you let dry and another on each nail individually that you use the magnet on.
  • Hold the magnet for shorter or longer times to find the design you like. I held mine for 15-20 seconds. Designs start to appear in about the first 5 seconds.
  • Hold the magnet for a few seconds and then roll it slightly for another few seconds to get the design over the entire nail.
  • Turn the magnet different ways to get different designs.
  • Remember not to let your magnet droop where it hangs over your nail! That polish is still wet and you're likely to ruin it!!
Well, that's that for this post. I hope you enjoyed. What do you think of magnetic polishes? Something you've tried? If so, which brand is your favorite?

Stay tuned until next time for my new, shorter nails!!


  1. I need to get a blue on I got the green and pink and i love the green =D but the blue is hot.


  2. i cant get the magnetic over top off Pls help


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