Saturday, February 18, 2012

From The Vault: Sally Hansen Navy Baby

I was browsing through old posts over at Emerald Sparkled the other day and have fallen in love with the idea of nails 'From The Vault'. I hope she doesn't mind if I use the idea.

This is another polish I picked up in the sale, and I gave it a try about two weeks ago. What is this polish you ask? It's Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure 'Navy Baby'. This is one of those colors that you can't judge by how it looks in the bottle. The Sally Hansen bottle itself is absolutely gorgeous. I don't know why I like this bottle better than any other Sally Hansen bottle, but I do. It's just one of those things, I guess, but I find it adorable.

The color in the bottle looks almost black in dim lighting and under the store lights turned almost purple. It was enough to make me wonder if the tags got switched by mistake. With my nails painted at the time, I turned into a sneaky ninja and stole one of my mom's nails for a color test. She hates when I do this, but she hardly ever paints her fingernails so I figure they're fair game for any wondering polish, right? The color was absolutely gorgeous. I have more than a few blues, but the ones I own are mostly light blues. I use these sparingly because even through my base coat they tend to leave stains. It's put me off using blue, but I just had to have Navy Baby. There were no ifs, ands, or buts about it. This was a color I could see on its own but also with glitter, a matte top coat, or even under a crackle polish. With so many uses how could I not want it?

Also, this is the Complete Salon Manicure which (according to the Sally Hansen website) means that it has the five steps of a salon mani in one bottle: base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, color, and top coat.

I never trust any built-in base coat, especially with a color this dark, so I used my own. However, Navy Baby certainly has a lovely top coat shine. The polish itself is lovely and thick, and it sat so well on my nails with one coat that I debated even putting on a second coat. This polish dried fairly quickly as well. I definitely recommend this line and with 42 shades you don't have to choose Navy Baby.

Cloud cover galore when this was taken so you don't get to see the truly stunning color it turns in direct sunlight. :( It has a beautiful shiny, glittery finish that really pops in sunlight that just can't be seen in this picture.

I put some China Glaze Snow Globe on top, and I think it looks really cool under my blue/white light.

The last picture I managed to get. This was taken the next day when the sun peeked partially through the clouds.

I felt like I was touching this polish up from the moment I put it on. However, the crazy chips likely weren't because of the polish itself. The weather has gotten cold and is wreaking havoc on my skin. I'm constantly slathering on lotion. The lotion I prefer is great for my hands and nails but doesn't go easy on my nail polish. Don't let my utter failure turn you off this polish.

The only real problem I've found so far is that many people mistake this color for black on my nails. In sunlight it is unmistakable but in shade or indoors it takes a moment or a really good eye to discern the true color. So, if you're looking for an unmistakable blue this probably isn't it, but if you're looking for a fun alternative to black or just prefer your blues darker you may have just found your color.


  1. Hello, just came across your blog, it's lovely! I love all the different colors in Snow Globe. Looks great over the dark color!

  2. Snow Globe looks so gorgeous on you!


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