Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wet n Wild - Disturbia

Pink may be my favorite color but purple is definitely my go to nail polish color. When I'm feeling down, can't decide on a polish, or am just feeling lazy I grab the closest purple and am perfectly content.

This time, the closest purple just happened to be Wet n Wild's Disturbia. I didn't even know I had this color! It was a gift but, while the Disturbia bottle isn't miniature, it is small and a bit short so it got lost in the chaos of my nail polish drawers.

I am so glad I grabbed it this time though because it was just what I was looking for. The polish is thick and creamy and goes on like a dream. Wet n Wild (recently?) switched their Megalast brushes over to their new ManiCurve Pro Brush. Their bottles have also gotten bigger, now holding .45 fl. oz compared to the smaller .30 fl oz bottle I own. However, the Disturbia I have is an older bottle—smaller and without the Pro Brush. That's not to say the brush is small though. It's a goodly sized brush, like a miniature Sally Hansen brush, that holds a lot of polish and smooths it on nicely. It took two coats for full opacity.

As for the polish itself, besides having a great formula, it looks absolutely gorgeous in my opinion. The color is somewhere between a deep purple and a plum that can look completely different in different lights (as seen in the vast differences in purple shown in the pictures). Much like the very pretty shimmer the polish carries. The shimmer is nearly unnoticeable in certain lights but when you can see it sparks with what looks like flecks of red-violet and indigo. You can't really see the indigo here but the red-violet certainly sticks out.

You know me though, I'm not usually one to leave a nail polish to stand alone. First, I gave Disturbia a coat of China Glaze Snow Globe. I will definitely use this combination again. It was absolutely stunning!

Still, that wasn't enough to satisfy me. I took it a step further and gave it one more coat of polish, this time with Hard Candy's Matte-ly in Love matte top coat. Glitter polishes look awesome when you turn them matte. The flakes of glitter don't subtly shift colors anymore but they still shine and pop from a dull background in the light.

The nails got a bit streaky when I was applying the glitter. I didn't want to swamp them in glitter as I have with some previous nails so I was extra careful—probably too careful since the clear got tacky before I was done layering the glitter. I just had to keep going though or there would be large glitter free gaps. The matte top coat smoothed the streaks out fine and I'm sure a regular top coat would do the same.

Disturbia has now taken it's place among my favorite purples and will be in the top three choices next time I'm feeling down, uncertain, or just plain lazy. :)

  • Now, just a reminder of the giveaway coming up very soon. There will be three nail polishes, all bought by me. I am unsure about international shipping at this time. I'm pretty sure US laws state that nail polish has to be sent through ground shipping due to it being labeled a hazardous materiel. With this in mind, this first giveaway will be open only to those US residents or those who have a US address they can have it shipped to. When I ship the prizes for this giveaway, I will ask about the laws at my local post office. Either way, I promise I will have a giveaway of something open to any international followers in the coming months. I won't forget about you guys!!


  1. LOVE this! I love the color. I love the glitter. I love it matte. LOVE!

  2. Amazing colour, love it! <3

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