Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Revlon - Cloud

I was so excited to waltz into my local Rite Aid and find a sale on nearly all their nail polish. Of course, this is a small speck on the map town so there aren't any of the amazing brands I see other nail bloggers are able to get in their Rite Aid. Still, I managed to snag 6 polishes that would total nearly $33 for just over $13. A steal for sure.

I decided to use one of the colors I was most excited about for today's post. It's Revlon Top Speed in Cloud. I've found this color looks very different to different people. I see it as a beautiful very light lavender that has a slight tint of blue. My mother sees it as an odd light blue while my grandmother saw a shade of dove grey. I've come to think of it as a dove grey with a lavender tint, but no matter the exact shade it's lovely. It makes me wish more than anything that this was a good color for me ... but it's not. Sadly, I was made for bright colors, bold prints, and full on overdone glam. I just can't seem to pull off the subtle elegance of Cloud no matter what I tried to spice it up with.

I had a slight disagreement with Cloud on how this polish should go on my nails. I've never had any trouble with Revlon before, and I've tried a few of the Top Speed variety as well. That leaves me with only three conclusions: it is either this color, this batch, or this bottle. The polish in my bottle is slightly runny and streaks so easily. That said, I certainly didn't expect to use only one coat of polish, so it was easy to fix the mess of the first coat by simply adding another coat.

I had no idea this color would be so hard to photograph. I tried many different places throughout my house hoping for a perfect picture. I didn't get a perfect picture, but I think I managed to get five okay pictures.

Two coats, natural light


Indirect Sunlight

Indoors with Flash

Artificial Blue/White Light

The thing about Revlon Top Speed is that it sets in 60 seconds ... or thereabouts; I can never stop myself from putting on thick coats that take longer to dry—it's a fault of mine. Another great thing? A built in top coat that rises to the surface. This is amazing for people who are on-the-go but don't want to let their nails fall to the wayside. Two coats of this and you're out the door with a beautiful new manicure that you can be proud to show off. Just remember not to be like me and put the coats on too thick or you'll likely mess them up on your way out the door ... or for sure while you're driving. You want to be able to show your nails off, not find inventive ways to hide them throughout the day.

I'm left wondering how well this will hold up to everyday wear with simply its own built in top coat.

Update Since Writing: Going into the second day with no top coat and there is only a very small amount of wear on the tips (thumb and index mostly with next to none on my middle while ring and pinky show no wear at all) and no signs of chipping.

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