Monday, March 12, 2012

Kiss Nail Dress - Peplum

Natural Light (Sunset)
Today's post is about my foray into using the new Kiss Nail Dress in Peplum. I was very excited to find them at one of my local Walmarts (even if I found Peplum instead of the one I covet, Gown). It was one I didn't visit often but since I was in the area that day I dropped in. Imagine my surprise to find these when neither of the other two Walmarts I visit had them! And for such a great price compared to Claire's Bling Nail Stickers or even to Sally Hansen Salon Effects polish strips!


  • Great designs in a variety of styles
  • Great price
  • 28 nail strips to fit both fingers and toes
  • Fairy easy to size since nail strips are on clear sheets
  • Very easy to apply and pretty quickly too
  • Strips can be cut down for other nail designs or even pieced together with other Kiss Nail Dress for an awesome effect
  • They look pretty great on and are certainly eye catching. Follow the 'do not's in the Cons, and they'll look even better.
  • If you find a gem situated on the edge of your nail, carefully file with the blue side of the provided file first. I found if I filed carefully enough I could 'cut' the gem with the file and leave half on my nail.

Natural Light (Sunlight)
My attempt at a top coat and you can see the Nail Dress on the pinky pulling up.

  • Peplum nail strips are hard to press smoothly onto nails since they are covered in gems.
  • Do NOT stretch the strips to make them fit your nail. They stretch back and leave bits of your nails bare.
  • Do NOT attempt to seal with a top coat. Believe me, the nail strips don't like this.
  • Nail Dress is pretty harsh on the nails of those easily bored (like me). Don't think you can put these on for a few hours or just a day and then take them off. Even peeling the stickers off slowly as recommended by the packaging made my nails start peeling in places.
  • Since you file off the tips of the strips the tips of your nails are bare. With Peplum, the 'polish' is black and the tips of your nails are easily seen.
  • The tips of your fingernails get a lot of use. More than you tend to realize. It's the reason you polish the tips. Nail strips get filed off and don't cover the tips. This leaves them very likely to start peeling up around the tips.

Natural Light (Sunlight)
Be careful not to stretch it over your nails; the Nail Dress stretches back to its original shape leaving the tips and sides of your nail bare.

Do the pros outweigh the cons? I don't know. I think it's something each person has to decide for themselves. I think if I ever stumble across Nail Dress in Gown I'll certainly pick it up like a giddy fangirl, but I also don't think I'll ever choose any other Nail Dress design.


  1. I love these! They make such a good statement pieces :) I have nominated you for awards :)

  2. I just tried these and love them but made the mistake of using a top coat on 3 before realizing that they were bubbling up. If I could use a top coat I would love them even more!


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