Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lace Tips + Mini Haul

I went shopping yesterday with a $3 off coupon to my local drug store and came home with a mini haul. I also stopped in at Sally Beauty for their sale price on the China Glaze Hunger Games collection. They were nearly completely out of stock but I managed to snag Stone Cold, Harvest Moon, and Fast Track. Fast Track was the one I was dying for oddly enough. It's not usually a color I would go for but the swatches were gorgeous. I can say it's even more stunning in person! I'll have a swatch post sometime this week for these colors and hopefully more of my haul. Wanna see the awesomeness of my haul?? See that lacy box in the back? That's the prize I won in the Nails, Actually 50 follower giveaway! Must remember to send her a thank you when I get back from family Sunday tonight.


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Enough about that. You'll see more this week. This post is about Diva Couture self adhesive lace tips. Can I just say how much I love these nail stickers? I picked them up by chance early last year at my local Dollar Store and hated them the first time I used them. I had no idea what I was doing since I had never used nail stickers before. I put them on all wrong and they only lasted a day, but they looked gorgeous while they were on. With that in mind I decided to give them another try, and my ability with these stickers improved greatly. The lace tips also come with 5 glittery stipping tapes which I've never used, so I can't give an opinion of them. I buy these simply for the lace.

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They aren't all sunshine and light. Is any product ever without its flaws? You get 12 lace tips; this gives you a very limited amount of sizes. I always end up with small lines of my nails showing on either side. However, the stickers are clear so it's really not noticeable. If you find you can't stand it, I'm sure you can butcher the two unused and piece them together for full coverage. The last down side is that these stickers crinkle a bit when you put a top coat over them. You can't not put a top coat over them or they catch on various things and simply peel off. I've found I don't have as many problems if I spend a small amount of time making sure all stickers are firmly pressed down and attached to my nails before adding a top coat. Work from the bottom towards the end of your nail. I start with using the opposite (flat) end of my tweezers and rubbing in circles, pressing outwards. Then I follow with my fingers, pressing the extra sticker over the tips of my nails before taking my file and gently filing off the ends of the stickers. Work with your fingers again once the end is filed off and finish pressing the sticker firmly to the tips of your nails. Put the stickers on all of your nails and then go back through them and give them another smoothing with your fingers before adding your top coat.

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I like to use these while giving my nails a break from heavy polish, so I do them very simply. One clear coat as a base coat, the stickers, and then a top coat. However, you could spice these up by using any color of nail polish; light colors would probably work best, but I'm happy to say Diva Couture also makes lace tips in white for over dark colors. I've also used these tips with rhinestones for a very pretty effect.

If you're looking for an elegant nail without all the fuss of actual lace this is definitely the thing to try!

Next post: Kiss Nail Dress in Peplum.

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