Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Birthday Haul

Welcome to my birthday haul post. This post is filled with things bought for me and gifts I bought myself. :)

First up is the gift my sister-in-law got me. Two Revlon polishes (Facets of Fuchsia & Carbonite) with a Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat, two L.A Colors Art Deco glitter stripers, an Ulta glitter (Pinata-Yada-Yada) , and an Icing holo glitter (Epic Winning).

These are some of the things I picked up here and there for myself for my birthday. My light box just wasn't enough to contain them all. Five Pure Ice polishes, two L.A. Colors glitter polishes (one with flakies). There's a Sinful Colors bar glitter from their new holiday collection, and from the makers of my favorite Halloween pumpkin bottled polishes ... a snowman bottled polish with red and green glitter. I also picked up some square gems in various sizes and some loose black glitter. I've been dying for a black glitter polish but since I can't find any I'll settle for loose glitter. Last, but not least, down front you'll see four tiny bottles. I picked these up in sets of eight. This means I have eight various colored bottles of sequin style glitters, eight beads, eight bar glitters, and eight flakey glitters. You've already seen some of the bar glitters in use with my Happy Birthday mani. It's what made the cupcake frosting so shiny!!

Not all my presents were polish related. After hearing my whining about how I was almost out of my favorite Bath & Body Works Candy Corn Anti-bacterial my mom got me these. I'd be happy to do a review post on these if anyone is interested. Not sure how far you guys want me to stray from nail polish and nail related posts.

Yes, that is a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup ... and yes, it really is that big! My bonus-dad picked these babies up. There are two in a pack and they are each a half-pound. That's one pound of peanut butter cup in a pack. So far, I've only managed to eat a small scoop with a spoon.

This is me and my bonus-gram. We don't call them step in our family because we consider them bonuses to our families. Her birthday was yesterday, only a day between our birthdays, so we decided early on that we would share our small birthday get togethers. The lacy red cami and the black suit-style jacket I'm wearing was a present I bought for myself. The jacket actually came from a consignment shop, and I only paid $7 for it!!


My mom took me shopping and I picked up these awesome boots and coat, both on sale. The boots, Mossimo, came from Target and were less than $10.50. The coat, Dollhouse, is from Boscov's and was $20. The boots will take some adjustment since I'm not used to wearing a heel quite that tall. My previous boots were about 3.5" while these new boots are about 4.5". An inch didn't seem like much added height until I put them on. Also, these boots are made really small. I had to go up a whole size, from a 7 to an 8, to be able to wear these comfortably. I've never had to go up a whole size, a half size sure, but never a whole size. I'm really glad I didn't try to order these online!

With Christmas and my niece's January wedding coming up I'm planning on purchasing a dress. While shopping I tried on this beauty and fell totally and hopelessly in love. Sadly, it was a $60 dress and was not on sale. I'm a thrifty buyer. To own so much nail polish I have to be. So I couldn't possibly talk myself into paying that much for a dress I'll wear two or three times ... if I'm lucky. However, Swagbucks was nice enough to offer me a $25 Amazon gift card for a recent post. Lucky for me, Amazon is selling this dress too, in my size even. It will take some luck since Amazon has only two dresses my size in stock and my gift card is still in processing (it could take up to 14 days to register in my account), but if the card comes through in time - with it and the money part of my birthday haul I should be able to purchase this dress without having to dip into my nail polish money.

Well, there you have it, my birthday haul. And what a haul it is!!! Be on the lookout for posts of the polish I received as I'll be working on getting swatches for them while doing my usual posts.


  1. Happy birthday and nice haul!! LOL I work at Bath & Body Works so those pocket bacs look really familiar! And WOW am I jealous of that Reese's Cup!

  2. Happy birthday, this is an amazing haul, beautiful polishes and decorations. Your bonus-gram and you too are very cute in the picture!

  3. YUmmie,,yummie the piesss!!:)



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