Friday, November 9, 2012

I Wanna Be A Mermaid

I've been calling this mani 'I Wanna Be A Mermaid' in my head from the moment I thought of doing this and after it was finished I found it a perfect fit.

nails nailart nail art polish mani manicure Spellbound I Wanna Be A Mermaid sequin glitter Wet n Wild Club Havana orange teal blue green hex

The sequin glitter I used was one from my birthday haul; thinking the glitter was bigger I was going to line it up and overlap it like scales. With how small the glitter turned out to be once removed from the bottle, I decided to simply sprinkle some of it over a wet nail to create a mermaid inspired accent nail. Wet n Wild Club Havana is my base color. Using orange seems like an odd choice since most mermaids of legend are green or teal, but using orange felt right to me. I made up for my odd choice of base color by using teal iridescent glitter for the 'scales'.

I will note that this glitter wanted to stick to everything! And I kept knocking over the tiny bottle holding said glitter, spilling more and more. I really didn't really sprinkle the glitter over the nail since it refused to unstick from my finger. I had to gently dab my glittered finger over the nail to get it to stick. By the end, I had glitter all over me and all over my desk. I was very lucky not to have glitter stuck to any of the other nails besides the accent nail. The true horror came with putting the glitter back in the bottle when I was done. I tried using my Pickerr Uperr, a nail art brush, etc to sweep the glitter up. I finally, after much trial and error (and knocking over the bottle of glitter again and again), used a tissue and a folded piece of paper to sweep the glitter back into the bottle.


  1. The orange is like the coral in the sea, so it works perfectly for a mermaid mani :) I love the glitter you used, it's so unique :)


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