Monday, November 5, 2012

H is for ...

Hello again! I'm back. I feel much better for taking a few days off. Sadly, the cold weather is wreaking havoc with my nails. I've had more than a few breaks. Thankfully, only one of them is on my picture taking hand, and I'm happy to say it wasn't a bad break.

Today's post is another in the ABC Challenge. I'm really late posting but after I missed H is for Halloween on Wednesday ... well, I decided to hold off a few more days and do H is for ... Happy Birthday.

nails nailart nail art polish mani manicure Spellbound H is for Happy Birthday ABC Challenge balloons cutepolish candles cupcake pink Sinful Colors Snow Me White Beautiful Girl girly

Saturday, the 3rd, was my 27th birthday and these are my birthday nails. I used two coats of Sinful Colors Snow Me White as my base color. On my index and pinkie I did birthday balloons via CutePolish. The middle got candles and the ring has a sparkly frosting loaded cupcake. I did it all in pink (Sinful Colors Beautiful Girl) because I'm ultra girly that way. I love pink. ♥

I'll post tomorrow with some pictures of my birthday haul. :)


  1. The weather is a killer on my nails as well. I had to cut them down really short last night. My husband told me I should lay off posting for awhile. lol

    Love the cupcake!!!

    1. Thank you so much! This is why I hate when winter rolls around. I would die if I lived somewhere cold year round. I cut my nails too, went as short as I could bear. They could definitely be shorter but I cringe at even the thought! I'm putting out a search for any kind of cold weather nail care products. I'll let you know what I find. :)

  2. Aww these look absolutely beautifully pink! And, Happy Belated Birthday!! This is such a fun nail art to wear on a birthday!! I love that each nails are different; especially the cupcake!! I thought it could pass as cotton candies too! =3 it look so fluffy! XD

    1. Thank you! ♥ Mmm, I love cotton candy even more than cupcakes. :)


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