Thursday, March 21, 2013

6 New Polishes with Swatches

Hello everyone! I'm really excited about this post. I will be releasing SIX new polishes to my Etsy Shop tomorrow.

To make this really exciting: all orders placed this weekend will be put into a drawing. Winners of the drawing will be given randomly drawn prizes. Prizes could be free full sized polishes, 5% to 50% off your next order, and much, much more. Winners may even win the right to work with me to create a custom polish!! Valid orders are those placed from the moment the polishes post on Friday to 9am Monday morning. Why 9am? Getting out of bed is when I consider my weekend over!

Lollipop Guild is a bright and fun mix of rainbow glitter. Shown here over Sally Hansen Pink Blink. I almost wouldn't have believed this was Pink Blink if I hadn't consulted my notes. Lollipop Guild makes Pink Blink look very coral colored. :)

Marie is one of two polishes my niece chose the glitter for. It's a light and elegant polish filled with teal blue, light pink, and light purple glitter with a heap of holographic glitter to give it some bling. Shown over CQ Pearls.

Napalm Bomb is one fiery girl. A bomb in more ways than one. With a mix of flame colored glitters this is one huge glitter bomb. Shown over China Glaze Stone Cold. Doesn't look so cold now, does it??

Tangerine Tango is the other polish thought up by my niece. I might just have to hire that girl because she has a real knack for choosing just the right glitter to create something gorgeous. Or maybe I'm just biased, lol.

Dipstick got its name because it reminded one of my Facebook followers of the candy. I don't think they call it Dipstick anymore (did they ever or was that just the nickname we all gave it?), but it's what we called it when I was a kid. I loved this candy and thought naming a polish after it was pretty awesome! For those who don't remember the candy: you get a candy stick and some ultra sweet flavored powder that was lightly colored ... sometimes it was white and would change color when wet; I think this was my favorite kind! You were meant to lick the stick and then dip it into the powder which would then turn really brightly colored and was likely to dye your tongue said color for a few hours; using the dip stick as a tool to eat the powder and then finish by eating the stick. Shown over China Glaze First Mate.

Carnival Lights was another named by a follower on my Facebook Page. If you consider yourself awesome at coming up with polish names I would love to have you around my Page!! I'm pretty horrible at naming polishes. I'll have a few zingers here and there but usually my names are kind of ... ho-hum. For this polish I debated heavily over Carnival Lights and City Lights, but felt it more resembled the bright lights of a carnival lit up in the dark. Shown over Petites Night. This polish can also be worn alone in 2-4 coats depending on how thick your coats. I average 3 coats for full coverage, but could definitely see wearing 2 if I was in a hurry.

I placed an order through Amazon hoping to get a fan nail wheel in time for this release but wasn't warned about it coming from an international seller until my expected arrival date made my jaw drop so I'm having to improvise until the wheel arrives. Double-sided tape on mini bottles just doesn't have the same flair as a nail wheel. :(

This is 1, 2, and 3 coats of Carnival Lights respectively. As you can see three coats gets full coverage for me.

Share the news of this release in someway (FB, Twitter, blogpost, etc) this weekend and include a link in the comments of your order, and I will enter you into the drawing twice!!!


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Napalm Bomb mani and the 3 coats of Carnival Lights!!!!!!

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Napalm Bomb mani and the 3 coats of Carnival Lights!!!!!!

  3. Wow! Not only are these all gorgeous, but you picked the perfect polishes to put them over as well!! I sure appreciate a polish maker who knows how to show off their product!

    1. Thank you! I do a ton of testing on paper to get just the perfect color to showcase the glitter. :)

  4. Oh, how have I never heard of you before?! I am stunned by your awesome photos and amazing polishes!

  5. Replies
    1. It was definitely one of my favorites to work with, and I'm really glad you like it. :)

  6. Lollipop Guild and Carnival Lights are amazing.

  7. Nice Blog :)

    You are invited to my "International Giveaway by Born Pretty Store".

  8. wow, they all look FABULOUS xx


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