Friday, March 1, 2013

Blogs to Love Friday #5

I am still without a desktop computer. My new computer was supposed to arrive today, but was held up somewhere in shipping so the delivery date got pushed to tomorrow. I totally understand, really I do! That doesn't mean I'm a happy camper. I miss blogging, and I miss you girlies too!! I am crossing my fingers, knocking on wood, and doing all those superstitious things in hopes that they work and get my computer here and set up quickly. If I can get internet access and my photo editing software loaded I'll be fairly content for now! But, until then here is my Blogs to Love Friday post. Remember to check out this post if you want to join this linkup and use this image!


Almost all of today's blogs are nail related. I really haven't had time to search out my usual variety. What I did find I mostly just stumbled across through the blogs I already follow. Either they recommended the posts or they are part of a linkup that I browsed through.

  • Ever gotten a short haircut and then changed your mind? Or do you just want to have longer hair? The horrors of growing your hair out could fill a very large book. Well, here are some Tips on How to Grow Your Hair from The Lovecats Inc. You won't instantly wake up with hair to your bum, but they'll certainly help you get there in less time without the hassle of figuring it out for yourself.
  • I know I already loved this blog, but Starfish on the Beach has really outdone herself with this pirate treasure map mani. Arrrrrrrr!! Seriously, go check this out and be stunned and amazed!!
  • This 60's Themed water marble by Jennibertt's Nails is so pretty and would work perfectly for Easter.
  • This Duochrome gradient and leopard print combo by Glitter Tips makes me not care that it was posted so long ago and really shouldn't be included in this week's post. What could be better than a duochrome gradient, leopard print, and an overall extra shiny mani??
  • There is just something about the color combo Jamegackie used to create this Sweater Print Inspired mani that I really love. Simple, yet gorgeous.
  • Looking to add a little sparkle to your nails? Try these Framed Glequin Nails by Nail Loopy. It will take some time and a lot of patience, but it will really pay off in the end.

And that's it. Hopefully my next post will be some of my own nail art posted from my new computer. Also coming soon are some new polishes to my Etsy Shop!! Very excited about these, so be sure to check back often.

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