Friday, March 15, 2013

Manicure March Giveaway!

Some of you may know about the madness going on over at The Lily White English Rose. For those of you who don't, it's Jess's birthday month and in honor of this she started Manicure March. This means lots of nail posts, including some guest posts from some really great bloggers! I'm really excited because I have a guest post coming later in the month too, but until then check out the giveaway Jess is hosting!

The prizes are pretty great if I say so myself. Dotting tools and 2 OPI Pure Nail Lacquer Apps. Plus I, and the other bloggers taking part, contributed some ad space. Some of you may be wondering what good that is. Well, have you ever visited a blog and saw a really cool picture or button along the side? How many times have you clicked on that button and been taken to another site? Now think of all the other people who have clicked on that button too. This is a great opportunity for everyone, but I think it's especially wonderful for small bloggers or those just opening a shop or something of the like. You may not have the extra money to advertise and get your site/shop out there just yet (and this is definitely when you need it the most!), so if you win this giveaway you'll have some really awesome ad space available to you all free of charge!! I don't know about the other bloggers offering ad space, but at this time you will be the ONLY ad on my blog. You'll have pride of place.

This giveaway is open internationally. So go on, enter; you know you want to!

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