Thursday, March 14, 2013

Shimmer Polish Swatches and Review

Hello everyone! I am so excited to show off these Shimmer Polish swatches. If you haven't found Shimmer Polish yet I say, "go, go now!" Or wait and see my swatches first so you're just as excited as I am!

Here are the polishes that came in my package. Aren't they lovely?? Yeah, I thought so too. You'll be able to tell by the amount of pictures I took. I'll save you all the loading time and put the rest of this post behind a cut. Continue through to the post because you do not want to miss these polishes!!

I decided to use undies with all of these to really show off the glitter. However, these polishes all have that perfect consistency that means they can certainly be built up and worn alone in just a few coats.

First up is Nichole, a beautiful mixture of silver, red, and blue glitter. In my mind it's an all-american kind of polish, reminding me of country girls, apple pie, and the 4th of July. A nice surprise is that some of the silver glitter in Nichole is holographic, adding a bit of mystery and glam. This is one coat of Nichole over Sephora by OPI Break A Leg Warmer!

Take a look at that glitter in this shadowed picture. I love the way it shines!

Mary is a red based polish with red, silver, and black glitter. This polish also sneakily replaces some of the silver glitter with holographic glitter. However, it's the black glitter that really catches my attention. I love black glitter! Below is one coat of Mary over China Glaze Adventure Red-y.

You may remember the above mani from Z in the ABC mani. Now you know the true beauty that lies beneath. :)

Jennifer is so, so gorgeous! I can't help but think of a mermaid seeing this color in the bottle, all shimmery iridescent scales. Jennifer has soft periwinkle blue glitter with a light sprinkling of pastel purple, and shimmery iridescent glitter. I layered it over Sephora by OPI Just A Little Dangerous.

This close up was taken with no top coat. It was a little rough, which is expected of glitters, but I was impressed. There was no curling what-so-ever and none of the glitter stuck up excessively!

Again, I tried to get a shadowed picture so you can really focus on the way Shimmer Polish really does shimmer and shine.

Jasmine is definitely my favorite of the bunch. Packed full of aquamarine glitter and a smattering of blue, green, red, silver, and an orangish-copper colored glitter. I used one coat over China Glaze Exotic Encounters and found them to be a perfect pair.

Last but not least is Lucie, a combo of red, silver, and a spattering of small iridescent glitters. I decided to layer it over China Glaze First Mate.

I've used holographic and iridescent to describe these polishes and some of you may be wondering what the different is. Well, in my mind holographic is a bright, harsh refection of light. It flares and sparks the light back in bright, vivid colors. While an iridescent is almost like seeing a holographic under water. It's softer and more dreamy in its reflection of light, much more muted in color.

The only thing left to say is that Shimmer really knows her polish. These glitters not only look stunning but the way they apply is mind-blowing! They were thick enough that there was no digging for glitter and no distasteful drips, but they spread around the nail so easily. There was no dabbing needed to get the glitter to leave the brush and no pushing to get it in place. I honestly felt like I was apply any professional grade creme polish instead of a glitter. It was like the best of both worlds.

If you are as enchanted by these polishes as I am, you can buy Shimmer Polish through Etsy or on the Shimmer website. You can also follow Shimmer on Facebook.

The products in this post were provided to me for review. All thoughts are my own.

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