Friday, March 8, 2013

Blog to Love Friday #6

Welcome to another Blogs to Love Friday post! I would love to have you guys join me and the other lovelies in this linkup. If you're interested read this post and use the picture below in your Friday posts. :)


I really think I managed to get a good variety this week. I tried so hard to search out new and varied posts. If you have a blog you'd like me to check out you can post a link in the comments below.

  • Gradients are gorgeous, but neon gradients are 100 times more awesome! Like these Neon Gradients (complete with glitter and bling!) from Sonnela.
  • We eat with our eyes. Isn't that how the saying goes? Having fun and interesting foods is a must for children, and  I don't think adults are any better. Getting children to eat the necessary servings of fruits and vegetables can be hard. And again, I don't think adults are much better! That's why this Fabulous Fruits post from Stephanie over at Spoonful makes it into my Blogs to Love today. She compiled a slideshow of 20 snack recipes using fresh fruits, and they're all so darn cute everyone will want to eat them!
  • Bad hair day? Take a deep breath and CALM DOWN because bellaMUMMA is here to help with this DIY Join the Band & Hide a Bad Hair Day post.
  • Miss Ladyfinger has an awesome blog that manages to blend fashion and nail art seamlessly twice weekly! One of her recent manicure muses was Clements Ribiero Fall '13.
  • I am sometimes absolutely stunned and amazed by the creativity of some artists. They just blow my mind! The Sweet Adventures of a Sugar Belle has quickly become one of these artists. I stumbled across her post You're the Peanut Butter to My Jelly on Pinterest the other week. These are some of the cutest decorated cookies. She also has a photo of the rest of the We Belong Together series which includes: the cheese to my pizza, the milk to my cookies, the salt to my pepper, the ketchup to my french fries, and the butter to my popcorn. I recommend checking out these cookies. You can also see the adorable (and creative use of cookie cutters used to create) Baking Theme Cookies!
  • Am I the only one who loves this Doll Face Tutorial by Kittenmoustache?? It's all big eyes, blushed cheeks and doll pink pout! The closeup is amazing!! Any part of this look could be worn alone but transforms into something weirdly special when put together.
  • There is one last thing I want to share. I adore this button bowl found on Pinterest. I've tried like crazy to track down the original source, but I'm coming up empty. There are other button bowls to be found, some more elegant than others, but for some reason it's this one I like best.
I hope you enjoyed, and I'll see you next week. ♥

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