Monday, March 25, 2013

Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge Review

*The products in this post were provided free for review purposes thanks to BzzAgent. All opinions are my own.

I signed up for BzzAgent last month and was so excited to be offered the chance at a BzzCampaign so quickly. They offered me the chance to try the Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge system. This includes the shampoo and conditioner and the 1-Minute Moisture-Plenish, a deep 1-minute conditioning treatment. 

According to the BzzAgent campaign: Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge is infused with superfruits for silky-soft-hydration. Hydra Recharge will recharge your thirsty locks and keep your hair super silky and surprisingly weightless for up to two whole days.
  • Works best on dry to normal hair
  • Keeps hair weightlessly silky for up to two days
  • Is available at grocery stores, drug stores, and mass retailers (I actually saw it at my local Dollar Store the other day)
  • Retails for suggested price of $3.99 to $6.99 each

The three bottles arrived in a plain box with adorable personalized BzzAgent bee logo tape. I opened the box still expecting to find deluxe samples or something, but they were all full-sized bottles!! They were also nicely bagged which I appreciated and which I'm sure the post office would have appreciated if there was a spill.

Just before getting invited to join this campaign I had a hairdresser tell me that my hair was very dry. Of course, I could tell by her tone that very dry was much worse than very. So, while skeptical of all the Hydra Recharge promises, I was really looking forward to this review.

The shampoo (as stated by the BzzAgent Campaign) is a hydration innovator, featuring for the first time thousands of beads that burst on impact.

I took a ton of pictures for this review so to conserve space (and lessen loading frustrations) I've hooked the relevant ones together. Click on them to see the full size image. You can see the texture of the shampoo here and also see the little blue beads. This shampoo has a really nice texture and creates suds very easily. I love this because our water is horribly hard and suds are really hard to come by.

This is me, washing my hair in the kitchen sink so I can get these pictures. I had so much fun with this review, and I wanted that to come across in my pictures. Here you can see the suds. Most of them have dissolved by this point, but even this amount is far more than I usually get with other shampoos.

Between the shampoo and conditioner, you use the 1-Minute Moisture-Plenish Treatment.

The 1-Minute Moisture-Plenish (as stated in the BzzCampaign) is a powerful deep treatment whose revolutionary lightweight creme-gel formula transforms dry hair with a surge of high-performance hydration in just one minute. For best results, use 2x a week.

This is almost like a lotion. It is thick and creamy and oh so smooth. I put on a dollop and massage it into my scalp and down the lengths of my hair paying special attention to the roots and tips. I continue to massage it in for the full minute. I can actually feel this working as my hair turns thick and voluminousness.

You can see here that the lotion-like texture thins down in the water but look closely at my hair. You can see how thick and silky it looks already.

Lastly you use the conditioner. You may be thinking - who has time for this?? But it really doesn't take all that much more time than your regular shampoo and conditioner, and the benefits far outweigh the extra two minutes of putting in and rinsing out of the Moisture-Plenish.

The conditioner (as stated in the BzzCampaign) contains superfruits of goji berry, passion fruit and kiwi to actively replenish without heaviness.

I wish more than anything that you could smell this whole system! Starting with the shampoo and ending with the conditioner the light and fruity scents just explode! I've actually been caught many times sniffing my own hair throughout the day because this wonderful scent lingers throughout the day and into the next as well! I love turning my head to talk to someone and getting a hint of this scent wafting around me. Seriously, stop into the shampoo aisle on your next shopping trip and take a sneak sniff of this!!

The conditioner is slightly thicker than the Moisture-Plenish. I was amazingly happy to see that both the Moisture-Plenish and the conditioner rinse out well and quickly. They leave none of the yucky residue of other brands.

Here you can see the conditioner in. It really isn't heavy at all! It feels light and silky smooth in my hair. And again, in this picture you can see just how soft my hair is looking.

This curtain of hair looks so soft and dreamy, right?? This is just after I washed the conditioner out.

I really couldn't be happier with this system, and would recommend it to all those who have dry hair or just want a bit more soft shininess in their life.

I also want to share that Garnier Fructis lives up to their promise of weightlessly silky hair for up to two days with this system! Thanks to natural genes and hard water, I have to wash my hair everyday or deal with flat, lifeless, and semi-greasy hair. After starting to use this system I noticed that my hair had much more volume the next day and nearly no grease! I can now leave it down if I want to, but I usually prefer to simply back comb it to give it a bit more volume and pull it up into a high pony. It's a classic look that I really couldn't enjoy before BzzAgent and Garnier Fructis.

Just an FYI: there is also a Hydra Recharge Moisture-Whip Leave-In Conditioner that you can purchase and add into this routine. I'm not a fan of leave-in conditioners given my hair's natural lean towards the greasy side, but given how much I love this system I may just give in and purchase it too.

*The products in this post were provided free for review purposes thanks to BzzAgent. All opinions are my own.

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