Monday, October 22, 2012

Arcadia's Witch's Brew

I wasn't sure what I was going to post today right up until I actually started typing. It's the reason for the late post. I haven't had much luck with my nails this weekend and even less luck in taking pictures. I finally picked up the supplies this weekend to make my light box, but what I haven't managed to find yet is the perfect setup for said light box or the correct setting on my camera. A lot of my pictures turn blurry and the others my camera does some automatic adjustment and turns the picture orange.

However, I do have one picture. It's not one I was planning on posting to the blog but it's all I have that isn't for the ABC Challenge or the Nail-Aween Challenge. So, here goes ...

nails nailart nail art polish mani manicure Spellbound Arcadia YouTube Halloween Witch Witch's Brew potion eye eyes eyeball glitter shimmer China Glaze Sally Hansen bloodshot

I knew the moment Arcadia posted the tutorial, Witch's Brew, to her YouTube channel that I had to do these nails. There were no ifs, ands, or buts about it — this design was totally meant to be on my nails! I was in a hurry so I left off the spiders. In place of the polishes shown in the video, I used Sally Hansen's Green With Envy and Wet n Wild's Party of Five Glitters. I did use China Glaze's Jungle Queen as my base. I love how Arcadia decided on this color because it is so different from the usual black base most use in Halloween nail art. Jungle Queen also adds a lovely shimmer that looks wonderful and unexpected in the sun. I had a woman stop me and positively gush over these nails so I tip my virtual hat to Arcadia and send all that gushing her way — along with my own gushing!

Seriously, if you haven't found her channel on your own ... go! Go now; you won't be disappointed.

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