Thursday, October 11, 2012

Nail-Aween Bloody Nails

I've done a lot of bloody nails in my time as a nail artist. Splatters and drips and everything in between. I dislike redoing one of my nail art ideas unless I know I can make it better or unless I have a slightly different take on it. So when I saw that the next challenge in the Nail-Aween Nail Art Challenge was bloody nails I was a bit stumped ... until I came up with this.

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I call these Just Bitten. I used a three coat base color of Revlon's Bare Bones. I wanted a paler 'skin tone' like my nails had been drained of blood and were left slightly ashen. As for the rest, I followed the Kayla Shevonne Vampire Bites Tutorial again. I added some blood dripping vampire fangs to her original idea though. I think these are some of the best blood drips I've done yet since I tried to keep these drips very thin and realistic.

Out of the Halloween nails I've done so far, this is definitely my favorite. I didn't want to take these nails off!! What do you guys think?


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