Friday, July 27, 2012

Go For The Gold

I am so excited about the Olympics this year. It's never been a big deal before but something about this year just seems different to me. I was actually so excited that I did these nails weeks ago! However, I wanted to save them for today. The qualifying rounds are over and the Opening Ceremony is tonight!

I'm from the United States, born and raised, so I felt obligated to do Go For The Gold: USA nails. However, if you support another country simply swap the red, white and blue used for my nails for your chosen countries colors. It's a very simple gradient. I used my trusty eyeshadow applicator to dab on two coats of red and blue, top and bottom, before dabbing on some white between them. I went back with red or blue where the white covered too much.

Who else is excited about the Olympics? Have you watched the qualifying rounds? Will you be scheduling your lives in an attempt to catch as much of the Olympics as you can? Will you be on the lookout for only certain events? How many of you are going to try avoiding the Olympics all together? I know I will attempt to watch a little bit of everything, but my mom will be avoiding everything to do with the Olympics.


  1. I only watched the last half of the opening ceremony, the parade of athletes. I'm liking this manicure even though I'm team GB (Woooo LOL) I thought of doing olympic hoops for nail art but my freehand skills SUCK.

  2. The Olympics are loved by all, despite generating discussion and criticism. It is a unique show, where winning is only the talent. I'm Italian follower and I'm very pleased with the results so far! What better opportunity for a nail so beautiful? Really good! (... But I prefer the colors green, white, red!;P)

  3. wow i loved the olympic ceremony!

  4. I just was cruising on you site. and the first thing that came to my mind seeing this was OMG you're dutch! then I started reading XD


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