Monday, July 23, 2012

On Safari: Exotic Encounters

I am so excited about this next line of posts!! I made mentions of the new China Glaze On Safari collection and my mom brought home almost the entire collection for me! How great is she?? I'm still missing one of the two new glitters and the bright blue - I Herd That and Manhunt. I'm also missing Prey Tell and Call of the Wild, but I think they are simply too dark for my tastes.

This post focuses on the one polish from this collection, besides the glitters, that I was most looking forward to.

Exotic Encounters is lovely teal green creme. Another blogger called it a kind of dusty teal with blue undertones and I find this to be a near exact description of this shade. However, what I found exceptionally funny while browsing shades of green to compare it to is that this color in some lights takes on a shade Wikipedia describes as 'jungle green'. Oddly poetic.

I know I have problems keeping my coats thin and this polish certainly didn't help with that (not that I consider that anything bad!!). It went on very thick with just one coat, as seen above. If I was in a hurry I could have walked out the door right then. Two coats brought me to the perfect coverage. You may need three if you find you have better control over your coats.

The moment I saw this on my nails I thought this shade would make an absolutely gorgeous base for a tribal mani, and I was right! Exotic Encounters being from the 'On Safari' collection just made it all the more perfect in my eyes. That said, I think it is just as stunning when used alone. I got many a compliment while out the day before I added the tribal print.

In the end, I am very happy to say I own Exotic Encouters and definitely recommend this shade to all of you. :)

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