Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Emote Nails

Wow! I didn't realize just how close I am to 100 GFC followers. You guys are amazing!!! So, for being such amazing followers I will let you in on a little secret. I will be having a super awesome giveaway soon. I have an order in for one of the prizes and I am so close to being able to order the other prize. This will be a giveaway with 2 winners and many ways to enter. I'm hoping to have everything together for August, so tell everyone you know! Now, onto the actual post.

Today's (short) post is Emote nails. Emote: to show emotion. I think these nails certainly do that, don't you? :)

They show love, anger, happiness, boredom/tiredness and ...

Sadness on the thumb. I love this little guy. He's just so cute and definitely my favorite.

What do you gals think of emote nails? Are they something you would try? What emotions would you have your nails express? ... How excited are you for a giveaway??


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