Saturday, July 7, 2012

Night Sky

I fell asleep the other night looking up at the night sky and an idea for a mani hit me full force. What if I tried something somewhat like a galaxy nail but based around a night sky instead?

night sky constellations nails nailart nail art mani manicure galaxy stars

This is what I managed to come up with. It's not exactly what I had in mind. Honestly, I'm not really pleased with the end product. I'm by no means an astrologist or even a constellation enthusiast. I know the very basic constellations and nothing more, but I do love to gaze up at the night sky and admire the stars. With near to no knowledge of constellations, I wish I had taken the extra few minutes and mapped out the constellations I used a bit better. I think the only recognizable one is Cassiopeia on my middle finger.

That said, the actual night sky turned out surprisingly well. I used China Glaze First Mate, China Glaze Secret Peri-Wink-Le, and an unnamed black polish much as I would with a galaxy nail. Then I added a coat of a thin glitter and the constellations themselves. I might have to try these nails again just to see how they would look with a few tiny dots of white scattered around for stars instead of trying to form constellations with larger stars. I think they would look much better this way.


  1. Oh my GOODNESS!! I've noticed that a lot of the time people in the nail art community seem to get on the same wavelength a LOT... but this is just weird.... I posted this five days ago! LOL so weird!!! I love yours with the constellations!

    1. That is so weird!! I held off on posting these too so we really did get on the same wavelength. It's a pretty cool wavelength to be on though because your nails look awesome too!! :)

    2. Thanks! LOL I can't say how often that's happened, and for some pretty obscure stuff too. I did koi nails on a nail wheel, and never posted them or took pictures or anything, and the next week on Tumblr I saw someone who did koi nails very similar to the ones I had done... so weird!! LOL Little psychic nail art community.


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