Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Week of Disasters

Hey girlies. Sorry for missing Feature Friday this week, but it's been a pretty disastrous week here. I had a slight nail break, not anything to really worry about, but it was done opening a car door! I was getting into my sister's car, talking to her kids in the backseat, and the door was locked. Really?? I was lifting the handle and pulling the door so it goes without saying my hand slipped when the door didn't open. It was just the corner of my nail, but it just had to be my picture taking hand. :(

The other big thing is the flat tire my mom's car got when she was taking me to get my driving permit. Yep, I'm finally learning to drive. It's only ten years late, but better late than never. So, flat tire, no one to help us ... what do I do? I change the tire!! She was so impressed she got pictures.

Yep, that's me, changing a tire. If you look close you can see China Glaze Sun Worshiper on my only visible toe.

I may be dirty and greasy, but I didn't break a nail!

Sadly, by then it was too late to make it to the DMV. Maybe next week I'll have a  permit to share, and I really hope to have some awesome nails to show you this coming week too.


  1. Nice one, changing a flat tire, Ashley. Girl power! Haha! I am really impressed of the fact that despite being nail crazy, you still let your fingers work on that tire. Now that takes some real guts! It’s great that you didn’t break a nail but I wonder, would you really freak out if you chip a nail? Hmm…I think I already know the answer! Haha!

    Rita McCall

  2. Way to go, Ashley! You’re just learning how to drive but you already know how to change tires! Good job! It will be a good skill to have as a car owner, because sometimes, you don’t have anyone to rely on but yourself, especially if you get a flat tire in the middle of a deserted road.

    Matha Trotter

  3. @Rita: I really admire Ashley for doing this, because my wife is crazy about her nails as well. Haha! I know how women care about their fingernails. Despite the risk of getting her nails broken, she still tried to fix a flat tire, and in the end, she did it! Nice job!

    Jack Chapman


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