Saturday, July 21, 2012

Real Life News

There is a nail related post coming later, but I couldn't resist sharing some real life news. I know I mentioned in a previous post that I was going for my learner's permit and learning to drive. Well, after two tries (one with a flat tire and the other with a closed DMV), I finally made it yesterday and took the test.

And I passed! I can now legally get behind the wheel of a car as long as I have an adult with a valid driver's license with me. In other words, a responsible adult. Where do I find one of those again?? :)

That's all the news I wanted to share. I hope you girlies have a great day and an even better weekend! My permit makes up for the cold, wet weather that rolled in around here over the past few days. Yuck! I certainly hope for the return of the warm weather.


  1. Hey, congratulations!

    Can you tell me what was the nail polish you were wearing during the test?
    Cause I remember mine! It was a really beautiful metallic blue I bought at Claire's..



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