Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spellbound Nails New Releases!

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday, but I was very, very busy putting tons of new polishes in my Etsy Shop. I released 18 new polishes. Two of these polishes can also be bought as a duo and another three as a trio. There were also 2 limited edition polishes; one is still available. All in all, there were 20 new listings added to my shop yesterday. Here are just a few of them! :)

I couldn't be more excited about this duo; Eat, Drink, and Be Alice. I always planned to add on to my Alice in Wonderland collection. This time taking my inspiration from places other than the characters. I just had to take inspiration from the cakes that make you grow and the potion that makes you shrink. Meet Upelkuchen and Pishsalver. Each polish will come with its own tag wrapped around the neck of the bottle. The Upelkuchen will tell you to 'Eat Me' and the Pishsalver will tell you to 'Drink Me'. ($14.50)

Since Upelkuchen is essentially cake, even if it is a magical cake that makes you grow, I decided to do a confetti cake batter style polish. The base is lightly tinted cream and holds various sizes and colors of glitter. ($8.00)

I wanted Pishsalver to have a dreamy quality so I used all white glitter in various sizes. ($8.00)

Also available is Checkmate. Checkmate was inspired by the large chessboard where the final battle took place. It has large white squares and smaller black squares, because a chessboard isn't a chessboard if it isn't square. ($8.00)

Sucker Punch is a bruised up polish of matte purple and blue hex glitter, glittery green dots, and large black dots. ($8.00)

The Dot Dot Dot Collection is a trio of polishes filled with more dots than you'll know what to do with. The dots take center stage accompanied by smaller hex glitters, most of them holographic, to give you insane coverage and sparkle. They can be bought as a trio for $22.00 or individually (Drunk on Dots, Dot Party, Do The Polka Dot) for $8.00 a bottle.

Feeling Royal is a limited edition deep purple holographic that has an awesome nearly duo-chrome look to it as it flashes and flares blue. It's companion, Ashes to Ashes, sold out very quickly. As I type this there are only 2 bottles of this little beauty left. ($8.00)

Cucumber Melon has green and melon green dots suspended in a golden green base. It just looks so cool and refreshing to me, and I think it makes the perfect spring/summer polish. ($8.00)

Sunny Side Up is a color of polish you just don't see enough of in my opinion. A light creamy orange with yellow, orange, and white hex glitters. ($8.00)

Watermelon Seeds is another polish that is perfect for summer. All I could think of while mixing up this one is eating cool watermelon on a hot summer day. In the days before seedless watermelons, where my older brothers insisted you had to spit the seeds out or you'd grow a watermelon in your belly! ($8.00)

The last one I'm going to share with you is Lilac You. This is my take on 'I Like You'. Seriously, put the emphasis on LI-lac You and tell me it doesn't sound like I Like You. Lilac You is a light creamy lilac with a very subtle shimmer, only seen when the light hits it just right. ($8.00)

Head over to my Etsy Shop to see the rest of the new releases.


  1. These are gorgeous polishes, Eat is my favorite!

  2. Great, great GREAT and awesome swatches + collection! Absolutely in love with Eat me, Drink Me! Totally in love with the base colour for Upelkuchen! One of the best I've seen so far! Also catching my eyes and heart is Watermelon Seeds! Every detail about it is just perfect! From the colour to the seeds! Good choice indeed! Hahaha! Loving the shade and name of Lilac You! With spring vibes around me, pale purples/lilacs have a special spot in my heart too! Lilac it! ;) All in all, awesome mixtures and great job!! :)

  3. These are really pretty! Great job!


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