Friday, June 22, 2012

Feature Friday

'ello everyone! The heat around here has been insane! It makes nail painting nearly impossible, but it makes getting a tan so easy. Why pay for a session in a tanning booth when I can lay out everyday and tan quicker? Still, even with the heat horrors I have a few posts ready for next week, but today is Friday and you know what that means. It's Feature Friday again.

Today's Feature is Sunset Palm Nail Art by Beautopia Nails. This is an old post but it recently came up in one of the Tumblrs I follow. That makes it new again, right?

Sunset Palm tree sail boat water sun vacation nails nail art mani manicure Beautopia Nails bird

These nails have me wanting my own vacation to come sooner. They also leave me wanting to recreate them, mostly to show off on vacation, but I'd also be happy just to sit in my room and gaze at them because they're just so pretty!!!

So, if you like these nails even half as much as I do go take a browse through Beautopia Nails and see what other pretties you can find. ♥

These nails are not mine. This is simply a feature post in an attempt to give another blogger some love.


  1. These are *amazing*. I was just scouting through the recently posted blogs and oh my god these completely grabbed my attention. Amazing silhouettes and basically everything!



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