Wednesday, June 20, 2012

NOH8 (Contest Entry)

Hey girlies. I don't have much to share today since I completely failed a nail design yesterday. I know, I know. I'm usually a few days ahead with my nail designs but I was working on something for a nail art contest! So, that's what I'm going to share with you today. First off, I'm sorry for the zombie claw I have going on in this picture ... I had to get my thumb since it was part of the design. I promise not to bite!!

gay pride LGBT nail art contest entry NOH8 NO H8 campaign rainbow all love heart Kyoti's Nails

These nails were done for an LGBT nail art contest hosted by Kyoti's Nails. This contest runs until June 30th so you still have time if you want to enter. The rules are pretty simple. They include (check here for full rules): It has to be your own work, and you have to do your nails for this contest. The idea can be old but you have to repaint it specifically for this contest. There has to be some form of nail art used; you can't use full nail stickers or one color (rainbow ombre, for example, is acceptable). And there will be two winners!! One for 'amateur' and one for 'advanced'.

To see all the entries and vote on your favorite go to Kyoti's Facebook page: look in the photos ... there's an album just for the entries. Voting on the Facebook page will not decide the winner but will be taken into account during judging. Go check out the entries! There are so many great nail artists entered so hopefully you'll find someone worth voting for. :)

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